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About Test Drives

If you are currently considering the purchase of a new vehicle, ensure you don’t end up paying for something that will disappoint you a few months down the line by taking it for a thorough test drive, prior to any money changing hands. The good news is that you, armed with one of our test drive offers, can save a fortune the next time you are looking for a new motor and want to take it for a spin around town. So strap yourself in and adjust your mirrors because you are about to put a brand new car through its paces, for a whole lot less.

The purpose of a test drive is to assess the drivability of a vehicle before you commit to purchasing it and it is perhaps the single most vital stage of buying a new car, van or motorbike. There are lots of things to learn about a vehicle by hopping behind the wheel, that cannot be explained or experienced by reading the statistics in a brochure or chatting to a salesperson. One of the first things you will realise when you first step into a new car is the comfort level, including how it feels to sit in the seats and how easy it is to reach and work the controls inside. Once you have redeemed one of our car test drive offers, you’ll be free to hop inside any vehicle you wish and start discovering how relaxed and comfortable you feel. When you do eventually pull out of the car showroom, you should aim to drive it in a way that mimics how you use your current vehicle on a daily basis, in order to get a feel for what it would be like if you were using it in such a way. Acceleration and cornering ability are the main things to look out for, as well as any strange noises including knocks, that could indicate a mechanical fault.