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10% off First Orders with Newsletter Sign ups

10% off First Orders with Newsletter Sign ups Online

20% off Orders when Recommending a Friend

20% off Orders when Recommending a Friend Online

Shower Cleaner from £28.99

Shower Cleaner from £28.99 Online

Mould, Algae, Lichen and Moss Remover from £35

Mould, Algae, Lichen and Moss Remover from £35 Online

About Wet & Forget

Wet & Forget is the most effective way of removing mould, moss and gunge from any exterior surface. It’s also the safest way, as the innovative solution use a unique combination of biodegradable selective compounds that, when watered down and applied, attacks nasty grot and dirt but nothing else. After that, nature takes over and whenever it rains, the cleansing amalgamation is revived and readdresses any new grime, without damaging the surfaces it’s on. With Wet & Forget technology the weather does the work so you don’t have to and a Wet & Forget discount code can make the purchase even more rewarding! Order online with our latest offers today and forget high prices, hard work, bleach and pressure washing – you’ll be left with impeccably clean surfaces throughout and money in your bank account too!

The amazing and unique Wet & Forget cleaning product can be used domestically and commercially, acting as the perfect solution to creating a sparkling finish every time. From Astroturf, boat sails and driveways to limestone, tiles and even marble, there isn’t much that can’t be cleaned to perfection and with our Wet & Forget vouchers in hand, you can order a container for much less. The solution works gently to ware away dirt and grim, ensuring safe and smooth cleaning every time. If you notice any reoccurrence of moss or mould, reapply some Wet & Forget and simply, forget about the dirt.

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