3 steps to youthful skin and how hugging is the new beauty secret
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3 steps to youthful skin and how hugging is the new beauty secret

23 January 2019

Youthful beauty secrets seem to be the best kept ones. Reserved to a fair few fortunate females, who don’t appear to lead a dissimilar lifestyle compared to our own.

They drink coffee, they smile, they have a glass of wine, and still, glowing. 

It’s in their genes you think to yourself.

If that's the case, then what are the rest of us supposed to do?

From collagen promoting peptides to defense antioxidants to fiend off free radicals - we’ve rounded up 3 naturally easy ways to fool your genes and defy ageing skin as we know it.

The telltale signs of ageing skin are loss of firmness and elasticity, dryness and lackluster, dark spots and fine lines such as crows feet. And the main factors that contribute to premature skin ageing are sun exposure, environmental damage, diet and lifestyle. Clearly, hydration, sun protection and healthy choices should be at a top priority to maintain your skin’s youthfulness. Combine with the following for exceptional and long-lasting results.

1. Hugging and Hormones

Regular hugging is actually a fine way to outsmart ageing skin and maintain a youthful glow. A natural remedy to many physical and psychological ailments, there have been a multitude of scientific studies backing the benefits of hugging. 

The light touch and contact of the skin that comes with a hug is enough to increase oxytocin levels, and findings show that this hormone is capable of calming the nervous system, reducing blood pressure, heart rate and having a diminutive effect on the production of stress hormones; norepinephrine and cortisol.

This is the fun part. 

Cortisol and Collagen are somewhat intertwined. Cortisol is a stress hormone that affects us in many ways, one of which is its ability to break down collagen which is responsible for keeping our skin’s elasticity in check.

Poor collagen leads to wrinkles, inflammation and dryness - a viciously ageing trio. Therefore, regular hugging is a wholesome and natural remedy that makes an ideal collagen quick-fix. 

national hugging day

2. Supplement the Inside

You may not be able to change your genes. But you do have access to plenty of impressive supplements that can refine your body’s incredible resources.

Do you need them? No. 

Provided you’re in general shipshape, your body should naturally produce these, however, treating yourself to an extra dose of say collagen, will allow your body to spend less energy on its usual errands, enabling it to refine other processes such as collagen production.

When you’re buying in to collagen, it can seem complicated, but it’s not. The different types of collagen fall into two main categories; marine collagen and collagen that is derived from animal by-products.

If it’s hydrolyzed, this simply means that it’s a more readily available form of collagen which is easier your body to breakdown - this is a big protein we are talking about after all. 

So you can take your pick of quality supplements depending on your lifestyle preferences. Myvitamins has a brilliant coconut + collagen formula. Blended with coconut and with the added benefit of vitamin C, you’ll be feeling sparky in no time. While you can find powdered versions from Myprotein to add to your smoothies, and even coffee and collagen blends.

collagen supplements

3. Skincare Savers

From cleansers to serums and night treatments, introducing a little more collagen and other miracle ingredients into your daily skincare routine is now easily done, without spending a fortune. 

With new studies and skincare brands hitting the shelves on the regular, it’s hard to keep up with the latest cult skincare products. Thankfully the likes of Cult Beauty, lookfantastic and feel unique do the research for you. 

To battle dryness you want to keep an eye out for omegas and amino acids found in healthy fats and oils. While vitamin E and rose water have great anti-inflammatory properties.

A few classic names for collagen on the market include Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, available with an SPF also, while Clinique and Vichy have some star products for ye ol’ crows feet.

More current brands Nip + Fab and The Ordinary are also ones to watch - don’t let the minimalistic packaging fool you - as the facial serums, creams and treatments feature slow-release retinol, hyaluronic acid and other nifty ingredients that help smooth fine lines and plump the skin without going under the needle.

If you’re vegan or looking for a beauty treatment a little closer to nature, The Body Shop and Holland & Barrett’s well thought out ranges are worth checking out. 

To tackle the first signs of ageing, many swear by The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth™ collection. While Oils of Life™ is a delicious range to nourish and revitalise skin that’s lacking in youthful lustre.

From Marine Collagen tablets to skincare products from Dr.Organic - Holland & Barretts is somewhat of a safe haven for the beauty junkie. The award-winning Pro Collagen moisturisers guarantee results and you can choose from an array of anti-ageing formulas - including dragon’s blood and black pearl - to suit your skin type.

Oils of Life

From regular hugging to supplements and skincare - maintaining a youthful complexion seems to be all about balance. Team a hug with natural supplements, a healthy lifestyle and potent performance skincare products which will follow - the result - sparky, supple skin.

Browse the array of health & beauty brands on our books to source your favourite youth boosting skin remedies and then you too can blame it all on your good genes.

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