Best baking gadgets for your kitchen
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Best baking gadgets for your kitchen

22 May 2018

The kitchen. A room which can be a focal point for the family in a household or provide a nice place to relax on days off - but most of the time, we just want to eat. That's why kitchen gadgets which are capable of simplifying the cooking process can be gold dust. And that's no different when it comes to baking - a form of cooking which cries out for complex tasks to be made easy.

So, to celebrate the best in kitchen gadgetry, in this blog we look specifically at some of the best baking gadgets around.

Measuring spoons

Save yourself a whole lot of hassle and faff with measuring spoons. They are set to common volumes used in recipes, meaning all it takes is one dip of the right spoon into the right jar of spices or liquids and you know you have exactly what you need.

Pastry wheel and blender

This terrific twosome can help you with all sorts of tasks, from blending scones to decoration. There is a lot to be said for the taste of a baked item which has not been near a food processor, so use the pastry blender for that inimitable handcrafted result. Meanwhile, if you need to trim the crust of a pie, the pastry wheel is your friend, while it can also be a handy tool for cake decoration.

Non-stick cake tin liner

This cake tin liner will save you time again and again, and means that you won't have to cover your parchment paper in butter or flour. Just line your cake tin with it each time you bake, and then clean it in the dishwasher easily. It is made from fibreglass and PTFE, offering a substantial working life.

Cookie scoop

If you are a fan of cookies - and let's face it, who isn't - a cookie scoop is an easy way of maintaining the uniform size and presentation bakers aim for. It also saves a lot of mess by negating the need to start digging your hands into the mix.

Revolving icing table and cake stand

This helpful baking gadget makes cake decoration a whole lot easier, meaning you don't need to lean over a cake or continually turn it while adding the finishing touches. A smooth revolving motion and non-slip base are among the key features, while the top is removable for easy cleaning. Have a presentation planned? It also doubles up perfectly as a cake stand.

These are just a few gadgets which make baking a whole lot easier. Remember, quite often the end result is the most satisfying part of baking, so don't be afraid to cut a few corners on the way!

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