Best Holiday Locations for Foodies
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Best Holiday Locations for Foodies

12 May 2018

It’s not always sun, sea and sand that are a top priority for people going away on holiday. Instead there are those who’ll choose a destination based solely on the possibility of lining their stomach with some world-renowned grub. If you fall into this category, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s no shortage of foodie cities out there – whether you’re visiting Europe, Asia, North America or South America. With this in mind, here are four destinations where you’ll have no problem satisfying your hunger.

1. New York, USA

New York Food

New York is a figurative smorgasbord of delicacies. In Manhattan alone, you’ve got Little Italy serving up homemade lasagne, spaghetti bolognese and pizzas. Meanwhile, in Chinatown, you’ll find one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in the city serving up mouthwatering Chinese dishes. Let’s not also forget that street food is huge in the Big Apple – with hotdogs and pretzels proving particularly hard to resist.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin Food

Berlin is predominantly seen as a beer-focused city. However, it’s got an underlying food culture that’s been bubbling to the surface over recent years. The traditional dishes still reign supreme, with the likes of beef goulash and currywurst making an appearance on most menus. Dishes like roasted pork knuckle are also proving to be popular among those enjoying a city break in Berlin. Don’t forget, you’ll get to wash down all your meals with a pint of local beer to achieve a pairing like no other.

3. Cancun, Mexico

Mexican Food

Mexican food has spread around the globe in recent years. However, you’ll need to go all the way back to the source to discover the best that it can taste. It’s far from just tacos and enchiladas on offer in Cancun, but favourites such as pozole (a stew-like soup) and tostadas (fried tortillas). Meanwhile, some of the most delicious snacks aren’t just served in the hotels and restaurants. Take, for instance, elote. This is corn on the cob flavoured with the likes of chilli and lime that’s usually available as street food.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Food

Your taste buds will go on an adventure like never before in Bangkok. In fact, there are actually food tours to take you around the city – meaning you really can go on an adventure while chowing down. Pad Thai (a style of fried noodles) is a particular favourite of locals and tourists alike, as is tom yum goong (spicy shrimp soup) and gaeng daeng (a flavoursome red curry). Where will your appetite take you?

There’s no better reason than the promise of food to take you overseas. Whatever you’re tempted to chow down on, be sure to save money on your trip by using cash saving vouchers when booking with TUI.

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