Best phone contracts to cap your little ones' spending
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Best phone contracts to cap your little ones' spending

08 August 2018

As a parent, at what age do you allow your children to own their own mobile phone? The answer is probably when they are old enough to use it responsibly, and that goes for spending. Mobile phones can provide a useful way of getting in touch with children, and offering them a way to call home. But with all the ways in which we can spend money on our handsets, is there a danger that little ones' phone usage could spiral out of control?

Here we look at some mobile phone contracts which allow you to keep a cap on phone spending:

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile offers capped contracts which are designed to avert the shock of a whopping bill. It is a buffer which caps usage once the limit is reached. The cap allows the user (or the parent who is the contract holder) to decide how much they cap the contract at each month. It can be anything from £2.50 all the way up to £100.

BT Mobile

Another network provider which offers the opportunity to manage spending, BT Mobile's package provides control to the contract holder which allows spending to be capped both in the UK and abroad, as well as a specific cap for spending on charges outside the allowance. They send texts to notify when 80% of the limit has been reached, and then again when 100% of the limit has been hit.

PlusNet Mobile

PlusNet's Smart Cap ensures that contract holders don't pay more than they need to, both at home or abroad. A pre-agreed monthly cap means there's a limit to usage. The cap can be changed at any time, and a really attractive feature of the package to the customer might be that any unused data below the cap can be kept. That goes for minutes, data or text.

So those are some money saving options for capping what your little ones spend on their telephones. You should note that some companies, such as Virgin Media, do not appear to offer capped contracts at the time of writing. However, see the vouchercloud Virgin Media page and take advantage of the voucher codes and discount codes which could enable savings on contracts from mobile phones to broadband internet.

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