Pies, glorious pies; what is there more handsome?
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Pies, glorious pies; what is there more handsome?

28 March 2019

We Brits love our pies - no matter what the occasion, there’s a pastry-based snack to suit! We take them so seriously, we presented the government with a 5,000 signature petition on defining what legally constitutes a pie. So, for the record, we’re going with this definition - “a baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry.” Whether you’re spending a cosy night in, heading out for a pub lunch or driving across the country, there’s a pie made for the occasion - we’ve rounded up our favourites!


Pork Pie

Perfect for: Picnics, road trips

The humble pork pie is a British staple. Served cold, it’s the perfect pick when you want something hearty and filling on the go. Grab some mini pork pies from Sainsbury’s or Aldi to stave off hunger for a long car ride, or get together a Ploughman’s lunch with pickles, cheese, and salad. However you serve it, it’s sure to hit the spot!

Chicken Pie

Perfect for: Weeknight dinner, hungry kids

Chicken and leek, chicken and mushroom, chicken and tarragon… A bit lighter than its steak counterpart but packed full of flavour, why not treat yourself to a chicken (pie) dinner with a restaurant voucher from us? A creamy, hearty chicken pie is a surefire crowd pleaser, and an easy way to sneak some vegetables into your kids’ dinner if you’re making one at home. If you don’t have the time to make one yourself, grab a classic Fray Bentos and a can opener - it’s a true British icon!


Bramley Apple Pie

Perfect for: Dessert

Bramley apples are born and bred British, so it’s only natural we’ve transformed them into a delicious pastry dish! Make your own Bramley apple pie with loads of cinnamon and sugar - or, pick a few up from the frozen aisle to keep on hand with our supermarket deals. Served with cream or ice cream, it’s the perfect indulgent treat when you’ve got unexpected guests (or just want to treat yourself)! 


Steak Pie

Perfect for: A hearty pub lunch, rainy day comfort food

It’s hard to beat a classic steak and ale. Served alongside mash, peas and gravy at your local, it’s the best way to line your stomach for a boozy afternoon! Grab a pub voucher from us to save on a pie and a few pints. Want the comfort of a pub lunch without leaving the house? Tuck into a steak Pukka pie - a Leicestershire classic, these are proper good homemade pies sure to hit the spot!


Cornish Pasty

Perfect for: A snack on the go

Although a variation of the classic lidded option (and maybe falling outside our definition), no British pastry list would be complete without a pasty! Whether you’re opting for cheese and onion or classic beef and potato, the iconic pasty originates from the tin mining region of Cornwall, dating as far back as the 14th century. If you’re serious about pastry, make the pilgrimage to Cornwall to taste an authentic Cornish pasty, straight from the source. You can’t get more British than that!

Whatever filling you choose, there’s no doubting the greatness of British pies. Whether you’re dining out, curled up on the couch or eating on the run, grab a food and drink voucher from us to save on something delicious. Bon Appetit! 

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