The best summer activities for kids this year
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The best summer activities for kids this year

28 June 2019
Kids. They’re little bundles of energy. As any parent knows, sometimes too much energy. 

When that child has a suitable outlet for that energy, all is calm. Balance and peace reign in the household. When that child is kept inside without an outlet - whether due to rainy weather or excessive summer sun - they can go up the walls. 

Thankfully, your friendly neighbourhood voucher website has put together a list of the best summer ideas for 2019. 


A day trip to the zoo

Let’s start with a classic. There are few kids in the world who don’t enjoy a trip to the zoo. Bring enough water to avoid the concession prices, and your young ones can run between the exhibits to their heart's content. 

With kids tickets invariably costing less than adult ones, with a deal from vouchercloud, your day out will end up costing a lot less than you expect. After all, what’s more exciting than seeing an actual lion? 

Take a look at our ‘days out’ page and find a discount code to get even more money off!

Upgrade that garden

Keeping the kids entertained during a heatwave doesn’t really need to see them leaving the garden. Realistically, you could invent your own game involving a hosepipe and them trying to avoid the water… but such solutions are always short-lived. 

To keep your kids happy with things to do in summer, there are a few criteria that need to be met. They need to be kept cool, well hydrated, and well fed. Beyond that, they need something to expend a little energy. 

Sometimes the old ways are the best. Groupon is currently selling an amazing swimming pool - reduced from £33.99 to £26.99. Better yet, we at vouchercloud have an additional code for 10% off to help you keep cool. 

The National Trust 

The National Trust is a fantastic option for de-energising your progeny. Wide open spaces, all expertly maintained, you can be assured of a day out that’s safe and in some cases educational. 
Specialising in “places of historic interest or natural beauty”, it’s the perfect choice for a warm summers day. Bring a picnic and sit in the grass overlooking some of the UK’s historical landmarks, and make some memories! 
Whatever you decide to do in the summer sun, make sure you check out our ever-growing list of deals to make your day out even better.

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