The best things to do in Wales to really enjoy Saint David's Day
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The best things to do in Wales to really enjoy Saint David's Day

22 February 2019

Saint David’s day is a famous time of feasting for the Welsh, with Daffodils, leeks, and song aplenty. 


The holy man himself is believed to be King Arthur’s nephew, and was made a saint following a number of miracles - bringing a dead child back to life, restoring sight to the blind, and making a hill bigger. (While the former two are impressive, Wales has never been in dire need of larger hills). 


So what can you do in Wales to really get into the spirit of things? 


Explore Saint David's in West Wales

If you hadn’t guessed, Saint David was a pretty big deal. It takes a lot to have a city named after you. Despite having a population of under 2,000, the presence of the cathedral makes it so. Reading, with over 1000 times the population is still a town. 

Whether you take a stroll along the world-famous coastal path, visit the cathedral itself, or take a local tour via the lifeboat station and see some seals, the city has a remarkable amount on offer considering the size. It’s a perfect way to experience the day for yourself. 


Visit the Penderyn distillery 

It’s often said that the reason Saint Patrick became better known than Saint David is because of the alcohol. It’s a gap the Welsh are closing. The Penderyn distillery, based in the Brecon Beacons, offers tours and tasting sessions for the discerning attendee. The tasting can take a little while, so grab an Airbnb and settle in.


Follow your nose

The Welsh tourism board, in all their wisdom, has put together a food tour across both South and North Wales. From cheese in Blaenafon to cockles in Swansea be sure to stop for some Welsh cakes and Welsh rarebit. The former is a small griddled cake, and the latter is what happens when you infuse cheese on toast with Welsh ingenuity. God on a plate.  

Take a trip to Cardiff

Despite Saint David himself abstaining from alcohol - reportedly only eating leeks and drinking water - the celebrations have no such limitations. Alcohol flows freely, and the culinary scene that follows the celebrations is second to none. No trip would be complete without a meander through the historic city. Visit the castle, enjoy the culinary scene and drink in the atmosphere - the parade is something to behold! 


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