The best sweet treats to see you through Summer
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The best sweet treats to see you through Summer

15 July 2019

Summer is the time for celebration - it’s warm enough to go outside, the days are long, and the beaches are calling. 


Science tells us that the warm weather is a health booster, too - higher levels of Vitamin D can, reportedly, reduce the risk of heart attack, lower cholesterol rates, and increase the absorption of calcium. Better yet, warmer weather means more (and cheaper) fruit, making it far easier to live healthily and get your five a day. 


Despite that… we are a nation with a sweet tooth. So what are the best treats to see us through the summer? 


Ultimately, the best summer treat has to take two things into account. It has to be light enough to not weigh you down in your new summer-state, and it has to be tasty enough to be worthwhile. In the hot weather, some method of cooling down is also vastly appreciated. Let’s start with a classic.


The humble ice cream


We’ve come a long way since the 99 was the be-all and end-all of the frozen confection circuit. These days there are ice lollies galore, along with artisan ice creams and scrumptious sorbets (plus that 99 is now about £2, but we digress). 


To perfectly mix health with decadence, you can make your own ice cream relatively easily, provided you have a fridge freezer and a little time on your hands. BBC Good Food recommends the ‘ultimate vanilla ice cream’, and it certainly lives up to its name. 


Frozen fruit and yoghurt 


A hearty breakfast to start the day and set you up for success; the combination of frozen fruit and yoghurt gives you the energy you need, while also cooling you down nicely. As the berries thaw, the yoghurt - nicely chilled - becomes infused by the juices.


Blending is entirely optional, and honey can be added to taste (of course, dependent on the type of yoghurt chosen). The recipe itself takes five minutes to put together, and with your big bag of frozen goodies on hand, can stay in your freezer for some time. 


Strawberries and cream… cake 


Now, no list of summer treats would be complete without strawberries and cream. But as this is a list of the best sweet treats, this strawberry and cream concoction is also a cake. 


Straight from the creative mind of Jamie Oliver, this Victoria Sponge takes cake one step further. With whole strawberries and thick cream (instead of the slivers that some versions can come with), this concoction perfectly blends summer decadence with some semblance of health… there is actual fruit in it, after all. 


For any and everything you’ll need to put together your own sweet treats this summer, take a look at our supermarket discount codes and shopping vouchers - you’ll be thrilled you did! 

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