Cut the cost of your weekly food shop by eating in season
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Cut the cost of your weekly food shop by eating in season

20 May 2018

How many times have you bought fruit and veg out of season only to be disappointed with the taste? There are plenty of great reasons for eating seasonally and flavour is definitely one of them - when fruit and veg are at their very best they're so much more succulent and delicious to eat.

But there are plenty of other benefits to eating seasonal foods that make them good for the environment and your budget, especially when you're a savvy shopper and use vouchercloud to help you live more and spend less.

What does eating seasonally mean?


If you grow your own fruit and vegetables in the garden or on an allotment, then eating seasonally comes easy. You'll feast on courgettes and tomatoes in summer and root vegetables in winter. Once there were traditions behind our seasonal feasts. But with so many 'seasonal' products now available all year round thanks to changing food technology, it can be difficult to know exactly what's in season at any one time.


Head for the local market or sign up for an organic box scheme like Abel and Cole - use a vouchercloud discount voucher to really optimise your budget - and you'll find food that's at its peak in terms of flavour and nutrition. Eat well, save money.

Buying food when it's in season has another big benefit, this time for your budget. Because seasonal food is grown closer to home, and harvested and sold when it's plentiful and at its very best, costs are kept low but quality is sky high. Plus you'll be supporting local farmers which cuts air miles and is better for the environment, so that's another win-win. And did we mention the taste? This is food that hasn't sat about in shipping containers or been flown halfway around the world so it's packed with freshness and flavour.

Top tip: You can treat yourself to nutritious, delicious and totally organic seasonal fruit and veg with a Planet Organic discount code and fall in love with fabulous new flavours without breaking the bank.

Eat seasonally for health and wellbeing


There are plenty of health benefits of seasonal eating, too. For example, summer berry fruit contains a high water content which is ideal for keeping you hydrated when the temperature climbs. And there's something instinctively right about giving our bodies what they crave throughout the seasons of the year whether that's rich and hearty stews in winter or light and tasty salads in summer.


Obviously, the more local your food is, and the greater the seasonal variety, the more nutrients and vitamins it retains before it reaches your plate. There's no wonder plant-based diets are so on-trend - combined with eating seasonally you'll notice the health benefits almost immediately.

How to tell what is in season

You can make your own seasonal food list to help you try and eat the seasons or print out this handy calendar so you know you're always buying the best produce at the peak of its season.


Try growing seasonal salad crops like radishes and pea shoots in window boxes using Sutton`s Seed`s discount code and you'll enjoy an extra punch of flavour all year round.

Live more, spend less, enjoy


If your budget won't stretch to organic, or you fancy a strawberry in December, don't be hard on yourself. Remember that freshly picked and frozen food from Iceland is far more nutritious than anything with added air miles.


There's no doubt that eating seasonally has some great benefits, but if there's something you love to eat and it's available in your nearest supermarket then eat it with pleasure. Just remember to use a supermarket discount code to live more, spend less and enjoy!

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