DIY tablet display for your kitchen
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DIY tablet display for your kitchen

22 May 2018

Could you use some extra help in the kitchen? Or are you in the process of automating your smart home? If you recently upgraded your tablet and fancy turning your old one into a kitchen helper then it's easier than you think. And if you don't have a tablet then using an AO voucher from vouchercloud to pick up a bargain like this could be the start of a fabulous culinary experience!

Create a display

There are plenty of ways to mount your tablet for kitchen use. Opt for a portable stand if you're always on the move in the kitchen, or a permanent wall or cabinet-mounted support if you intend to keep your tablet in one place - great for watching videos and listening to music as well as finding that killer recipe. You can even mount your tablet on the fridge with a magnetic holder, though that may not be the most convenient place when you're cooking.

The simplest way to keep your tablet alongside you in the kitchen is to invest in a that acts as a stand, but for something more personalised you could try making your own shabby chic DIY kitchen tablet holder that you can personalise to match your kitchen colour scheme.

Protect and survive

If your kitchen regularly looks like a war zone, then you're going to need a way to protect your tablet. Adding a screen protector will help keep any flying goop off your screen, while a good quality antibacterial screen cleaning kit will make short work of any germs and other nasties.

And if you don't want to get your greasy hands all over your tablet, invest in a stylus so you don't even need to touch the screen. Use an AO voucher from vouchercloud and your kitchen tablet setup will be even cheaper.

Automate and create

Smart home automation is getting easier than ever, so why not add a smart speaker to your kitchen setup? It's great for streaming music while you cook and, better yet, you can integrate your smart speaker with your tablet to create a very cool cooking assistant.

Simply issue your straightforward verbal commands like "find me a lasagne recipe" or "what's the next ingredient" and your smart speaker and tablet will guide you every step of the way. Best of all? With an AO voucher from vouchercloud he whole setup can be incredibly cost effective, saving you time, effort and money.

Get interactive

Having your tablet in the kitchen opens up a world of possibilities - as well as finding a world of brilliant recipes at your fingertips you can take a Skype cooking masterclass with a professional chef, or create a menu for your next dinner party and display for your guests. Don't have a tablet? Then what are you waiting for - with AO's great prices and a vouchercloud AO voucher you'll be rustling up gourmet dinners in no time!

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