Easy foodie Game Night essentials for a lads night in
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Easy foodie Game Night essentials for a lads night in

08 March 2019

We’ve all been there - your mate has invited you over to watch the game, it’s BYOB and he’s promised some food to get you through it. Nothing fancy, just some finger food. You arrive. You’re a bit peckish - after all, food was promised. 


Then it hits you. They’ve not taken this seriously. The finger food is one pack of ready salted each and maybe a scotch egg (if you’re lucky). 


Don’t be that guy. Push the boat out a bit with our low-effort (low cost) snacks for a lads night in. 


A fan favourite: Nachos 

You’ll need a baking tray for this, and that’s about it. Grab some tortilla chips, cheese and some toppings (sour cream, guacamole and of course, salsa). Most supermarkets sell these in the ‘Fresh’ isle. Nachos go on the baking tray, cheese goes on the nachos. Now, bake it for 10 minutes at about 150. 


To make it fancy, you can add refried beans and some habaneros, but this dish is an easy way to make it look like you’ve actually put some effort in. Keep it simple. Result. 


Spoon some of the toppings over the gloriously melted cheese, serve it up and impress. 


Pizza; food of culture 

Pizza is a winner, but can be time-consuming to do on your own. Enter: Pizza Bread. It’s like regular pizza had a baby with cheese on toast, and it’s a real crowd pleaser. 


Grab a baguette or two from the shop, as well as tomato puree, cheese, a bit of ham or other toppings, and some parsley to garnish. Chop the baguette in half and toast it under the grill. Flip it, and liberally apply tomato puree to the untoasted side. Then you can add your cheese and toppings - a personal favourite is chorizo and mushroom. Bake until the cheese is golden, and you’re set!


This does take a little more prep time than finger food usually allows for. If your lesser instincts take over, you can grab a great deal at Papa Johns or Domino’s


The king of finger food: loaded potato skins

Again, these are designed to impress - they look fairly complex to the untrained eye… but for those with access to the vouchercloud blog, things get a little easier. You’ll need potatoes, bacon, cheese, and some spices. Garlic powder, paprika and pepper will do (a teaspoon in total should do the trick).  


Preheat the oven to 240. Grab some potatoes and give them a wash. Chop them in half lengthways and scoop out the middle with a spoon - leave enough around the edges for a good bite. Oil the skins up and bake for about seven minutes per side with the bacon in the oven, too. Once cooked, stack the cheese, chopped bacon and spices on top, put it back in the oven, and bake until everything’s golden. 


But what about the game? 


No Game Night advisory piece would be complete without at least a mention of where the best deal for televised sports can be found (yes, even when you factor in going to the pub, the cost of pints there soon outstrip a DIY night in at home). We’ve got some great deals for sports with Sky and Now TV to keep you tuned in, too. 


Whatever you need for the perfect lad’s night in, vouchercloud’s got you covered. 

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