Funniest things you can do with Google Home
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Funniest things you can do with Google Home

22 May 2018

With smart home personal assistants quickly becoming a standard item in our homes, we often take their functionality and ability to instantly play our favourite tracks for granted. However, many people do not realise the various hidden commands - or ‘Easter eggs’ - that manufacturers of products such as Alexa and Google Home have built into their personal assistants.

Google Home is a particularly sophisticated device in this regard, interacting with even the most far-fetched requests and statements. Although the Google Home assistant does not support as many smart home devices as its popular rival the Amazon Echo, its ability to interact with users is actually far more developed. This is great for users who want their assistant to seem a little more ‘human’, and for those who want to add a little fun to their home. Try out the following commands to see how your Google Home reacts:

1. Personal questions

There’s nothing funnier than Google appearing to believe that it’s human. Like Alexa, asking Google personal questions can produce hours of fun. Why not try the following? - ‘Google, tell me about Alexa.’ - ‘Google, how old are you?’ - ‘Google, are you tired?’ - ‘Google, are you friends with Cortana?’ - ‘Google, can you speak in Morse code?’

2. Play a game

Google likes nothing more than to play games with its owners, so try out the following commands to play a quick game to pass the time: - ‘Google, crystal ball.’ - ‘Google, are you feeling lucky?’ - ‘Google, Mad Libs.’ - ‘Google, spin the wheel.’ - ‘Google, flip a coin.’ - ‘Google, what am I thinking right now?’

3. Annoy Google

Yes, it seems your Google device has feelings too, and can even get annoyed at you, sometimes with hilarious results. If you feel like rubbing your Google Home up the wrong way, try out the following questions: - ‘Google, make me a sandwich.’ - ‘Google, I’m naked.’ - ‘Google, clean my room.’ - ‘Google, did you fart?’

Test Google’s pop culture knowledge

It seems the Google developers had more than a little fun building in some pop culture references to the device when designing its features. Trial and error means you can find out what they decided to include, but you can also try out the following commands that have already been established. From Rick and Morty to Ghostbusters, there’s something for everyone: - ‘Google, beam me up Scotty.’ - ‘Google, who you gonna call?’ - ‘Google, what is love?’ - ‘Google, all your base are belong to us.’ - ‘Google, here comes dat boi.’ - ‘Google, who shot first?’ - ‘Google, who is the walrus?’ - ‘Google, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?’ - ‘Google, do a barrel roll.’ - ‘Google, wubba lubba dub dub.’ If the Google Home sounds like it would make a great addition to your home, why not purchase your own? We have some great discount vouchers for you to use.

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