Get fit for free: start up your home fitness routine and stay healthy
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Get fit for free: start up your home fitness routine and stay healthy

20 March 2020

Get fit for free: start up your home fitness routine and stay healthy

Feeling fit and fresh is a simple but constant ambition for all of us. Whether we want a bodyweight workout to test our endurance or some simple stretching to work up a sweat, there are many cost-free ways to get fit at home. Check out these exercise ideas that’ll raise your heart rate without making a dent in your bank balance.

Hunt down some exercise videos online

Home exercise vids

The web is great for finding activities to keep fit without taking a step outside. Many gyms provide exercise walkthroughs and videos online, or live stream classes to attend virtually. Pure Gym is a great example, offering step-by-step instructions on a full-body workout. If you’d like to fit a quick thirty minutes exercise between duties, they’ve got plenty of workout videos built to burn fat, sculpt muscles and strengthen your core. 


It’s not just gyms that can help - just hit up YouTube or social media and you’ll find a wealth of fitness instructors offering guides on yoga, resistance training and cardio routines. The NHS fitness studio is packed with free instructional videos to help improve your fitness indoors, too.

Change things up with a long country walk

country walk

Free fitness doesn’t have to restrict you to your house and garden. When you’re tired of seeing the same four walls, you can refresh your senses with a daily walk outdoors. Plan a route where you can enjoy some green space - the more secluded, the better! Make sure you invest in a good pair of running shoes, like these ones from Nike, to ensure you’re well supported.

Go back to the basics with a new yoga mat

yoga from home

Exercising at home doesn’t require expensive equipment, but home fitness can be made far easier with the right gear. Yoga is one of the most popular and adaptable exercises to do at home, and the best part is it only requires a yoga mat! Aerobics is an equally fun option, which again can be made a more comfortable experience with a fitness mat - we love the affordable yoga mats from Adidas. 

Develop your own bodyweight training routine

bodyweight workouts

Bodyweight exercises are an easy way to tone muscles and get fit. Think press ups, squats and burpees. Check online for how-to guides on incorporating them into your regular routine. If you’re used to hitting the weights at the gym, you’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to continue resistance training without physical weights! You can kit your home out with simple tools to try, too -  a pull up bar can be used to do a whole range of exercises, and is easy to remove from the door frame if you’re not able to install anything permanent. 

A final word of advice

Whether you find yourself stuck indoors temporarily or prefer to get fit away from the public eye, it requires very little to make a big difference to both your physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re not used to - or are a little uncomfortable with the idea of a home fitness routine - start small with some basic exercises. Remember that even a brisk walk up and down the stairs raises your heart rate and improves overall health. 

Whatever you choose to keep your blood pumping, remember not to push yourself too hard, acknowledge the small improvements every day and appreciate every bead of sweat. Pick a pace that’s right for, build on it gradually and you’ll soon be feeling your efforts pay off. If you’re after a bit of motivation, check out our health and fitness vouchers and get kitted out with the gear you need to get moving.

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