How Domino's makes its pizzas
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How Domino's makes its pizzas

09 August 2018

The quality of pizza ingredients used is one of the reasons Domino's Pizza has achieved such success and popularity in the UK. If you've ever wondered how Domino's makes its pizzas, this short guide may provide the answers you seek.

How does Domino's make pizza?

Before starting to make any Domino's pizza, the ingredients sourced are checked over and include 100% mozzarella cheese that's made in the UK, as well as Mediterranean-sourced vine-ripened tomatoes to create the pizza sauce. All their pizza bases are handmade in local supply centres and delivered to the shops at least three times a week. What's more, they're made with premium, unbleached flour. The cheeses they use are made from vegetarian rennet, so the veggie pizzas are entirely suitable for vegetarians.

When it comes to making Domino's pizzas, each pizza produced is handmade to meet customer orders by trained employees with relevant skills and hygiene certifications. You can opt to create your own pizza by choosing the style and size of pizza base you want, and what kind of toppings you would like the pizza finished with. You can choose from stuffed crust pizza bases, Italian style thin bases, or the original Domino's Classic crust base.

Your pizza will then be spread with tomato sauce, unless you prefer to opt for BBQ sauce. When it comes to cheese toppings, you can opt for mozzarella cheese or reduced fat cheese. Then you create your own pizza topping from a wide selection of options including pepperoni, mushrooms, Tandoori chicken, pork meatballs, sweetcorn, ham or Cumberland sausage. All toppings are charged separately, so you can opt for as many as you like on create-your-own pizzas.

Alternative pizzas you can opt for include Half-and-Half pizzas, featuring two different topping finishes so two people can enjoy their favourite pizza at the same time, or a range of Domino's speciality pizzas, which include the New Yorker, the Ranch BBQ and the Meateor.

Once your pizza has been made it will be baked in Domino's pizza ovens for around seven minutes, and if you order via your mobile or online you can track the progress of your pizza to find out exactly when it comes out of the oven.

A range of sides and desserts are also available at Domino's, alongside bottles and cans of drinks.

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