How to fly with a baby
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How to fly with a baby

22 May 2018

As the cold snap of winter (finally!) starts to thaw we’re all turning our thoughts to summer sun and summer holidays. And if you have a baby to bring on board for that trip then you’ll need to make sure you’re organised. The following tips will help you get through either a short or long-haul journey so don’t be put off that dream trip. Take a look at where you could be going for a great price with some TUI vouchers.

Plan ahead

Pack For Flight

Logistics has to be one of your key considerations. When will you feed baby? Before you get on the plane? During take-off to keep them settled? Will you have the equipment you need if you have to make a bottle in-flight? It’s helpful to pack a specific bag of baby kit that you can easily keep on hand during the flight to keep them fed and happy. The rules about liquids are relaxed in relation to baby milk (though you’ll have to declare it to the people at security as you pass through) but you will need to consider taking unopened formula tins or pre-made cartons. And for those mamas that are breastfeeding, remember an aeroplane environment is already dehydrating so make sure you keep your fluids up.

Get extra space if you can

Plane Baisinette

Depending on the age of your baby, the length of the flight, and the airline you’re with, you may be able to book bassinette space for your infant. These are small cots that sit on the floor of the aircraft and are a great way to ensure your little person gets a nap. Or if that’s not available you could ask the check-in desk or aircrew to see if there are rows with extra seats that you could take so you have a nappy-changing space.

Keep them entertained

Flight Entertainment

If you have a young baby on a short flight then you may be lucky enough to see them sleep all the way through. If your child is a bit older then you may need to invest in some new toys or distractions that will keep them entertained through the journey. If they’re on their feet, then walk them up and down the aisle to stretch their legs and let them explore. And regardless of how old they are, make sure you have plenty of drinks and snacks as an easy way to keep them relaxed through the flight. A dummy (even if they don’t use one usually) to suck during take off and landing can also help them cope with pressure changes.

The final thing, and our top tip, is to develop a rapport with those sitting around you. Not everyone has experienced flying with children and understand how challenging it can be. A quick sorry (not sorry) for any extra noise or upset can set a friendly tone at the beginning of the flight. So there you are. Go prepared. Get a great price. Keep them entertained. But most of all, enjoy your trip!

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