What we saw at Milan Fashion Week
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What we saw at Milan Fashion Week

20 March 2019

One quarter of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks alongside Paris, New York and London, Milan Fashion Week is a global indicator of the season’s upcoming style trends, and twice a year all eyes are on Milan to tip us off on how to stay in vogue. Are vertical stripes gonna be big this year? Should you start rocking cut-offs before everyone else? You’ll find all the answers you need right here. With collections from all of the industry’s biggest names, including home-grown trailblazers like Prada, Fendi and Versace, this is the place to be if you’re hoping to tap into the year’s hottest new trends. 


Animal Print


When it comes to fashion, it’s a jungle out there, and one of the biggest trends on display at this year’s Milan Fashion Week was the prominence of animal prints of all kinds. All things bright and beautiful, from leopard print to tiger print, were spotted on the catwalk this year, including collections by the likes of Versace and Cavalli, so get on the prowl over at ASOS and see what you can find to awaken your animal instinct. As versatile as it is vogue, animal print makes great trousers, t-shirts, trousers and jackets, so get shopping today and get ahead of the pack. 




If you’ve been hiding your belt away, 2019 is the year to wear it with pride. Long considered a simple practicality, the humble belt is a star in its own right, and this year at Milan Fashion Week we saw the tucked-in styles of yesteryear once more brought to the forefront. Championed by the likes of Ralph Lauren and Prada, this aesthetic is simultaneously classic and contemporary and gives you the chance to get playful with this staple accessory. Go slim or chunky, silver or bronze, you can’t go wrong. With everything from shirts to sweaters tucked in to display the belt in all its glory, tap into this style for less with a TOPSHOP promo code, and buy a belt you can really wear with pride. 




A long-neglected hue, this year at Milan Fashion Week we finally saw beige reenter centre stage, with designers such as Marni, Banny and Sunnei all bringing it back into the public eye. From sand to stone, this is a timeless colour that can complement a range of classic and contemporary outfits, so head over to River Island and embrace the beige today. Perfect when paired with grayscale, or deep, rich shades such as navy and vermillion, we love beige trousers, jackets and hats for a subdued yet summery look. 




Whilst this isn’t strictly an aesthetic, it was a prominent trend at this years event, following the recent revelation that 10% of the world's carbon emissions are produced by the fashion industry. In response to this, many designers produced collections from pre-existing materials. We loved Bethany Williams’ patchwork jacket, hand-made from upcycled denim, and the incredible poncho that Luna Del Pinal made out of different jumpers. It’s amazing to see designers making clothing with a conscience, and we look forward to seeing more environmental initiatives in the future of fashion. 


Whatever style inspo you take away from this year’s event, you’ll be able to give your wardrobe a shot in the arm for less with our great fashion offers. 

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