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Most bizarre bets

09 August 2018

Bizarre bets are the kind of bets that almost nobody sees coming. They can be a very genuine bet on a sporting shock or a novelty flutter related to pop culture. However, when they come off, they make headlines.

Here, in no particular order, are five bizarre bets that raised no shortage of eyebrows. If you can use your vouchercloud discount code to somehow unearth the same kind of winnings as number three, we will tip our hats to you.

1. When The Simpsons ran a two-part 'Who Shot Mr. Burns?' special in 1995, bookmakers were inundated with punters at the end of the first episode, wanting to place bets on who they believed to be the shooter. Waylon Smithers and Homer Simpson were the prime suspects. In the end, Mr Burns was shot by a baby. It's hard to imagine too many voucher codes being used to place a bet on Maggie Simpson!

2. When Arsenal took on Sutton in the FA Cup in 2017, one outcome was likely - an Arsenal victory. Substantially less likely was the situation that played out during the game, when Sutton's substitute goalkeeper, Wayne Shaw, was captured on camera tucking into a pie. It turned out that one bookmaker had offered odds of 8-1 on this happening.

3. Imagine owning a crystal ball. That really would have the bookies running for cover! Back in late 1989, one UK punter clearly had the next best thing to a crystal ball as his monster accumulator came in. He had to wait ten years to find out though. He bet on Cliff Richard being knighted, U2 staying together and a host of shows staying on TV right through the nineties. It earned him just shy of £200k!

4. Back in 1998 Manchester United failed to win the Premier League, but that didn't deter one bookmaker from paying out early on a United title win. As it transpired, Arsenal were crowned champions and one well-known bookmaker had no shortage of egg on his face.

5. When Buster Douglas fought Mike Tyson in 1990, he was so unfancied that many bookmakers wouldn't take bets on the outcome. The bookmakers that did take money on the title fight made Douglas a 42-1 underdog. Even the most generous of discount codes would struggle to compete with such a giveaway. Douglas knocked out Tyson for one of the biggest shocks in sports history.

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