Why influencer marketing is the next big thing for high street brands
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Why influencer marketing is the next big thing for high street brands

08 October 2018

Influencers are, without a doubt, the latest trend in marketing - from the Kardashians and the latest Love Island winners, to Holly Willoughby or Stacey Solomon, people buy from brands they like. 

So powerful is this concept, that 93% of consumers say that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. When this ‘review’ is packaged under a well-respected influencer, the results speak for themselves. In essence, the influencer acts as a trusted individual with a mass audience advocating for a product.


For people using social platforms, it’s a refreshing look at advertising… people who are trusted and entertaining providing the same service that used to be exclusive to boring TV spots. 


This was the focus of our latest Retail Week award win with Very.co.uk and Awin, demonstrating “Excellence in Digital Marketing”.


For us, getting this right was really important - we weren’t just looking to bump up sales figures - we were looking to prove that multi-platform influencer marketing could work at this scale. 


So, what did we do? 


We worked with Very.co.uk and Awin to deliver the biggest and most innovative Christmas campaign to ever hit the affiliate channel. 


In short, we combined influencer marketing with geotargeting and cross-channel engagement over a 30-day campaign to engage specific targets - in this case, the ‘Miss Very’ demographic. We specifically targeted five categories across toys, beauty, fashion, home & garden and electricals with one influencer each.


Speaking on the campaign, the judges confirmed that: “This winner wowed the judges with their innovative and multi-platform campaign, which used tech to deliver impact and reach at scale."


Now to the fun bit. We set up geofences outside of competitor beauty retailers and tracked 25,000 vouchercloud members, tagging visitors as ‘beauty potentials’. Of these potential customers, our range of influencers were provided with a unique code, tracking all transactions back to specific content for ROI purposes. This took place through bespoke blog posts and social media updates, allowing Very to directly issue personalised content including new and exclusive offers.  


Traditionally, influencer campaigns have been limited to online - it’s easier to implement, track and convert. The challenge here was using digital to bring physical insights to life. That’s why it was so important to get this right. Success meant another tool in the arsenal for high street stores to compete with the likes of Amazon.


This is hugely welcome news at the vouchercloud office. Giving retailers the tools they need to compete is something many have tried… to make a success of it (an award winning one, at that!) is something different entirely. 


The more barriers that are put in place between a customer and the business they’re making a purchase from, the less likely they are to make a purchase. The real value of influencer marketing is getting rid of the little question at the back of the customers mind: “Is this product actually good?”. “Yes”, say the influencers. “Yes it is”. 


To be recognised for excellence in digital marketing as a traditional voucher partner is hugely exciting. When you add in that it’s from industry heavyweights Retail Week, it amounts to brand recognition, the awareness of a job well done, and that all important external endorsement… 


Recognition from outside of our very niche sector is worth its weight in gold. 

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