Retro classic trainers to add to your wardrobe
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Retro classic trainers to add to your wardrobe

09 August 2018

Michael Jordan retired from playing professional basketball in 2003, but you can still spot Nike Air Jordans worn all over the world - some of the wearers might not even know who Michael Jordan is. Why? Because retro trainers are cool; and trainer trends, like many other types of fashion, goes in cycles. Just take a look in your local branch of JD Sports - the trainers which you see have their roots in yesterday's styles.

In this article, we check look at some retro classic trainers which you might consider giving a run out:

Reebok Classics

Typically available in all white, Reebok Classics are a retro trainer which can make a nice addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. They offer that 'British look' and can be matched well with a nice pair of shorts, polo shirt and some ankle socks. However, do keep them clean! As there is not much worse than a pair of mucky Reebok Classics.

Air Max 90s

The Air Max 90 was actually known as the Nike Air Max III up until its reissue after the millennium. This is a trainer which is now so popular it has almost transcended its original form, and is considered a new trainer! Available in a host of colours and styles, especially when using Nike's NIKEiD resource, the Air Max 90 has proved that a good trainer is a good trainer, irrespective of when it was designed.

Air Jordans

Another trainer which has stood the test of time, Air Jordans offer your ankles and feet more support due to their basketball design, and can also be good winter trainers. In countries where the snow can be a feature of those colder months, Air Jordans can offer a cool and stylish way of keeping those socks dry!

Adidas Originals Gazelle

One of the original 'indie kid' trainers, the Adidas Originals Gazelle has a timeless feel which points back to a bygone era. These trainers are associated with 1990s Britpop, but actually date all the way back to the 1960s, and were also popular in the 1980s US hip-hop scene. You can find that the Gazelle pairs up perfectly with a good old pair of jeans, and offers a great casual option which can be perfect for a festival, pub or just a trip to the supermarket!

So there are some of the most notable retro trainers to have built up a loyal following - if you are in the market for some old school kicks, why not take advantages of the discount codes on offer at vouchercloud and bag yourself a saving.

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