The best running gear for Autumn sportiness
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The best running gear for Autumn sportiness

12 September 2019

The weather is changing - no longer are we subject to the tyranny of midday heatwaves, or temperatures that leave you huddled around your solitary fan. Now, we meet Autumn - our old friend. 

With football, rugby and professional cycling all making a comeback, you may be tempted to dust off your old running shoes and hit the roads. 

But hold on a second. How long are trainers supposed to last for again? 

It’s less time than you’d think. The average pair of running shoes should last you between 300 and 500 miles depending on a variety of factors like your running style, how well you look after them, and how much they cost in the first place (cheap shoes are cheap for a reason). Just to confirm, that’s 300-500 miles in total - it doesn’t matter if you’re running, hopping, skipping or walking. 

Fly fast with RUNFALCON 



is one of the top brands in exercise for a reason. Their RUNFALCON range combines ample support with a lightweight sole. With a lightweight mesh in the place of heavier counterparts, these shoes are ideal for those runners out there who are keen to not have their feet weighted down. 

When training for events, heavier shoes for training are definitely recommended, but for your Saturday morning runs, these lightweight shoes are unbeatable on cost and weight. 



Exploring the market peak 



are, undoubtedly, trailblazers (excuse the pun) when it comes to shoe development. Pundits estimated that Nike spent $2.5bn on research and development from 2012 - 2017, and it shows. The Nike Pegasus may come in at twice the price of the RUNFALCON range, but the product puts the word ‘overengineered’ to shame. 

These shoes expand on the oh-so-dated shoelace idea with specifically designed elastic cables, meaning that your laces are less likely to come loose mid-run. A gamechanger. 


The ‘choice’ decision 


If choice is something you’re after, the team over at have you covered - with a huge range of products - ranging from Asics and New Balance to Adidas and Nike, you can choose a short-term, low price shoe, or look for something new and innovative. With a remarkably detailed overview of each individual shoe, you’re sure to find a bargain in your price range. 


If you’re looking to turbocharge your exercise regime in the run-up to Winter, vouchercloud is on hand with an amazing selection of sport and fitness vouchers and discount codes. Take a look! 

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