How to cut the cost of your weekly food shop
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How to cut the cost of your weekly food shop

06 May 2018

How to cut the cost of your weekly food shop Are you fed up with paying above the odds for your weekly food shop? If so, it's time to use these helpful tips to get your spending back on track.

No one likes to spend above the odds on their weekly food bills and, luckily for you, you don't have to! There are a number of great ways you can go about saving money, leaving you more left over to spend on the things that really matter. 

So, to help you out, the team at vouchercloud have put together 13 of the most unique ways of how to reduce your food shopping bill.

1. Turn your nose up at the branded items

When you buy branded products you are oftentimes not paying for a better product. Instead, you are paying for an expensive marketing campaign and clever branding.

2. Use loyalty cards… but with caution

Supermarket loyalty cards can be a good way to acquire points and make future savings, but use them with caution. By becoming accustomed to using just one store, that’s when doing your weekly shop can become less affordable.

3. Say no to using a trolley

If you have a trolley, it’s easy for you to just throw in extra items you might not necessarily want. Instead, opt for the basket that will only get heavier as you pile it up.

4. Always be on the lookout for vouchers

Vouchers are one of the best ways to cut back on the cost of your weekly food shop, we have a whole range of online and offline vouchers here at vouchercloud.

5. Stop wasting - make use of leftovers

Your food shop will naturally become cheaper if you start making use of everything you purchase each week. For inspiration, check out this list of great leftover recipes.

6. Never stray from the list

Before you go shopping, make a list of everything you need. Then, when in store, do not stray from this sacred list!

7. Stop being so loyal

It’s a well-known fact that all of the major supermarkets offer their own great deals and discounts. So stop being so loyal and start shopping around for the best prices.

8. Buy the ugly food

Recent years have seen the rise of “wonky veg” and “ugly food”. There is nothing wrong with this produce, but it is cheaper and helps avoid waste and maximise production.

9. Shop online once in a while

Shopping online is not only convenient, it’s also very affordable. Better yet, when you sign up for the first time, all of the major supermarket delivery services offer big discounts on your first shop.

10. Keep your eyes low

The most valuable retail space is the middle of the shelves at eye level. To find the bargain products and own-branded items, you need to look at the bottom of the shelves throughout the store.

11. Always eat before you go shopping

If you go shopping feeling hungry, then you will naturally be compelled to buy more food as your stomach is in charge of the decisions, not your brain.

12. Remember your local

Supermarkets are great, but local shops still have some bargains on offer. They might not be cheapest for everything, but could offer a few items cheaper, helping you to save a little every week.

13. Buy in bulk whenever there’s a truly great deal

This might sound counterintuitive, but it’s the best way to make long-term weekly savings. If there’s a big discount on an item you need to buy each week, like nappies for example, then stock up when the going is good. Ultimately, cutting back on the cost of your weekly food shop means being strict with your budgeting and only purchasing what you truly need. For guidance on what you should be aiming for, the average shopping bill for a family of four is just £81.40. So don't fall for any of the supermarket sales tactics, instead save your money for more important things, like that next family holiday!

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