The best Easter Eggs for your chocolate fix
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The best Easter Eggs for your chocolate fix

17 April 2019

The UK’s first Easter egg was originally made right here in Bristol, so who better than vouchercloud to round up the best Easter Eggs on the market today? 


Legendary chocolatier Joseph S. Fry (yes, that Fry) created Britain’s first chocolate egg in 1873. Cadbury’s - the company that J.S Fry’s later merged with - launched their own version two years later.   


Word has it that eggs weren’t allowed to be eaten in the week before Easter - it was called ‘Holy Week’. That means any egg that was laid during that week was decorated and given as a gift. So how did we get to chocolate? 


Be realistic. Wouldn’t you be happier with a chocolate egg than a real one? 


The Ostrich Easter Egg


So first things first. Quantity matters just as much as quality in this case. At £80 for 1.06kg of chocolate, at first glance it may seem too lux for even the most dedicated chocoholic. Then, when you consider it’s from Hotel Chocolat and comes with an additional tray of 27 chocolates PLUS six little golden eggs, you realise it’s actually a pretty great deal. 


This beast is actually based on a real measurement of an ostrich egg, so you can be sure they’ve put the effort in. 

The Lindt Gold Giant Bunny

Waitrose, those stalwarts of luxury, are one of the few stockists of the rarest of all rabbits. The Lindt 1kg gold giant bunny. While, yes, you can get smaller versions of this, should you? Weighing in at a hefty kilogram of the best chocolate around, the gold wrapped creation comes with a suitably giant bell attached - a staple of Lindt bunnies known to all. 

The Cadbury Chocolate Crunchie Easter Egg

Moving on to more wallet-friendly purchases, we have the Cadbury Crunchie egg from Morrisons. Despite early worries that the quality of Cadbury’s would go downhill after the buyout a few years ago, the U.S company has expanded their product range and kept the quality consistent. 


That means that, at £10 for 570g, it costs a quarter of what you’d pay for a Lindt bunny… but still makes for an imposing present for a young one


Cheap and cheerful 


Sometimes, chocolate is bought just because it’s amazing. With the Mars milk chocolate egg from Asda, you not only get the egg itself, but also a Mars Bar (bargain!) 

With a standard Mars Bar setting you back around 60p at 58 grams, this 141 gram egg equals 83 grams of chocolate for just 40p. A real crowd pleaser, this one’s suitable for vegetarians too! 


Wherever you’re shopping for Easter Eggs, vouchercloud is the best place to go for food and drink deals, and a top destination for any supermarket treats you may be picking up!

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