The winter warmers: top comfort food in the colder months
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The winter warmers: top comfort food in the colder months

27 November 2018

There’s nothing more soothing than a hearty, home-cooked meal after a long winter’s walk. Let a pot bubble away on the stove and enjoy the delicious aroma as it warms your home. When it’s time to eat, wrap your hands around a generous bowlful and fill your tummy with a meal that’s both tasty and nutritious. Try one of our tempting comfort food recipes and cosy up with a new favourite dish - they’re guaranteed to keep you toasty from head-to-toe.


Traditional Irish Stew

A family favourite, this tasty seasonal stew features a medley of root vegetables and lamb. For this dish, it’s best to use a cheaper cut of meat. Slow stewing means you’ll achieve a tender texture every time, allowing you to skimp on the price without compromising quality. A joint such as lamb shoulder is perfect and is pre-diced for quick cooking. If lamb is not to your taste, stewing beef can be used instead. For the fullest flavours, boil up alongside some fresh carrots, onions, parsnips and serve with a sprig of thyme. Delicious!

Feel-good Vegetable Broth

For those who enjoy a plant-based lifestyle, or are trying to fit in their five-a-day, a vegetable broth makes a super easy and tasty lunch. As a bonus, it’ll help you use up all those old vegetable scraps too! Roast some carrots, celery and tomato in the oven before you blend for a flavoursome kick. Make sure to drizzle them generously in olive oil and enjoy a nutty and peppery finish. Feeling experimental? Pop in some more unusual veggies, like red chillies, root ginger or butternut squash and create a new winter tradition.

Classic Apple and Blackberry Crumble

A heavenly fruity layer with a crunchy oaty topping - this indulgent dessert combines both sour and sweet. Apples and blackberries are abundant in Britain every winter, so locate your fruits locally and save yourself some money. For best results, choose hearty cooking apples like Bramleys. Tarte and tangy, this apple holds its shape and flavour when boiled on a high heat. Dust your crumble with a little cinnamon before it goes in the oven - it’ll add a little spice and leave a lovely golden brown glow. Served with warm custard or a dollop of clotted cream, this delicious warming treat will go down smoothly with the whole family.

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