Best vacuum cleaner hacks
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Best vacuum cleaner hacks

22 May 2018

Vacuuming is likely to be one of your regular household chores. These top vacuum cleaner hacks will help speed up the vacuuming process and keep your home immaculate:

1. Add a fresh scent to your home while vacuuming

If spraying air freshener around the home is against your principles, you can still add a pleasant aroma to rooms while you're vacuuming. Some suggestions for adding a fresh scent to the home include:

  • add a teaspoon of cinnamon or vanilla to the vacuum cleaner bag or cylinder before vacuuming and enjoy the delicious aroma throughout the day

  • put a few drops of your favourite essential oil in the vacuum bag or cylinder and see how fresh the air around your home smells after you've finished your cleaning

  • you could also try adding a tumble dryer sheet to your vacuum cylinder or bag to freshen up carpets and the air in your rooms

2. Vacuuming in tight areas

There are some areas of the home that are really difficult to keep clean with a vacuum cleaner, even when you attach the tools supplied with your cleaner. One useful hack to try is taping a toilet roll tube to your vacuum cleaner attachment, as this makes it easy to access tight spots around the home. You can squeeze the toilet roll tube into shape to access the narrowest of spaces, such as runner tracks on patio doors.

3. Freshen up mattresses

Use your vacuum cleaner to freshen up mattresses around the home. Sprinkle each mattress with baking soda and a few drops of essential oil and then vacuum the entire area to leave a fresh, scented mattress that will help ensure a relaxing night's sleep.

4. Blocked brush roll

If your vacuum cleaner is not picking up debris as well as it normally does, it could be that the brush roll is blocked with hair, strings and carpet fluff. Use a Stanley knife to cut through the blockage and you'll find your vacuum cleaner will work perfectly again.

5. Carpet indentations

Changing furniture around in a room can be difficult if there are large indentations in the carpet in places where furniture is currently placed. You can remove these indentations quite easily by dropping a couple of ice cubes into the indentations and allowing them to melt. Once the ice cubes have melted, vacuum the area thoroughly and the carpet pile should be restored to its former glory. If you can still see slight indentations, use a fork to gently raise the carpet fibres a little more.

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