Where to find the best yoga on YouTube
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Where to find the best yoga on YouTube

16 April 2020

Whether you’re hoping to tone up, de-stress or  try your hand at something new, yoga is the perfect at-home exercise that anyone can try. All you need to embrace your inner yogi is a mat, a calming space, and the best yoga on YouTube. Feeling overwhelmed at the number of incredible teachers on offer? We’ve tracked down 12 of the most popular yoga channels on YouTube to help you kick your practice off on the right foot. Here’s where to find the best yoga on YouTube for you to bend and stretch your way to nirvana...

The biggest and the best of YouTube yoga

No round-up of YouTube yoga would be complete with a nod to Adriene Mishler. Offering more than six million devoted subscribers access to high-quality free yoga videos, suitable for all levels of ability, Yoga with Adriene is the best option for those who want an all-rounder channel with a woman who knows her moves inside out. From yoga for athletes to yoga for writers, the queen of YouTube yoga has something to suit your needs. Hit the subscribe button for your one-way ticket to zen.

Getting started with beginners YouTube yoga

If you’re a little intimidated at the idea of joining a class, Fightmaster Yoga will help build your confidence from scratch in the comfort of your own home. Feel better in your body with Lesley Fightmaster and her reassuring ethos that it’s not about the perfect pose, it’s about nourishing your body, mind and soul. Try the 30-day challenge for beginners or work your way through a classic Hatha yoga routine to get acquainted with the asanas. There’s no better place to begin your yoga journey. 

Stretch your mum-to-be body with pregnancy YouTube yoga

Adjust your practice to suit your growing body and changing energy levels or pick up a new hobby to stretch those new aches and pains away. The prenatal yoga series from SarahBethYoga includes a collection of 10-20 minute routines, created by certified pregnancy yoga teacher Sarah Beth, as well as a full-length prenatal yoga program that can be downloaded via the SarahBethYoga app. These prenatal online yoga classes are safe and effective for all trimesters and will guide all future mamas through a healthy, strong and calm pregnancy. What more could you hope for? 

Get meditative with yin yoga on YouTube

If learning to slow down and be more present sounds like your idea of bliss, explore the world of yin yoga to calm your mind and stretch your body. Ideal for runners and amateur athletes who want the benefits of meditative stretching without wearing themselves out, yin yoga consists of longer, static poses that target deep connective tissues to promote relaxation. Tune into Yoga with Kassandra for free online yin yoga to improve your flexibility and bring mindfulness to your day, and see what life’s like when you’re part of the yin crowd.

Work up a sweat with Ashtanga YouTube yoga

In search of a dynamic and physically demanding practice that’s perfect for building core strength and toning the body? Discover the ancient art of Ashtanga with the talented Laruga Glaser and prepare to be impressed! Allow LarugaYoga to walk you through the set sequence of poses that makes up Ashtanga with a fundamentals class and a led primary series session. Or push your skills to the next level with her inspiring and awesome demonstrations. Find out more about the style of yoga that’s won over celebrity fans like Madonna and Jennifer Aniston, and experience a blissful moving meditation while giving yourself a full-body workout.

Work on your inner warrior with body positive YouTube yoga

Not only a skilled yoga teacher but a body positivity advocate and a refreshing face in the industry, Jessamyn Stanley uses high energy flows to break down mental and emotional barriers. Offering classes that celebrate the body and encourage students to place a firm emphasis on how they feel rather than how they look, Jessamyn’s inspiring classes encourage people of all different colours, shapes and sizes to give yoga a spin. Join in with her daily flows to further your practice, give your body some much-needed medicine and embrace the skin you’re in.

Switch up your energy with the best kundalini yoga on YouTube

Practice mindfulness with the art of kundalini yoga and activate the dormant divine energy believed to be located at the base of your spine. By using movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation and the chanting of mantras, you can awaken this life force energy to invigorate your body, balance your chakras and centre your mind. Visit Brett Larkin’s yoga channel for some meditation magic and explore the fantastic series of kundalini YouTube yoga videos for yogis of all abilities. Whether you want to strengthen those abs, boost your immune system or sharpen your mental focus, BrettLarkinYoga can deliver the goods.

Soothe those muscles with YouTube yoga for backache

If spending all day at a computer or scrolling your smartphone has left you with aches and pains in places you didn’t know existed, holistically heal that shoulder, neck or back issue with simple yet effective exercises from YogaTX. With plenty of routines focused on relieving tension and pain in the usual problem areas as well as specific stretches for debilitating problems like sciatica, you can de-stress and manage discomfort with these targeted daily routines. Whether your hips are sore or your lower back has a twinge, you can gently work on strengthening and soothing your body the natural way with the YogaTX team.

Find your flow with vinyasa yoga on YouTube

Vinyasa yoga is one of the most popular yoga styles out there, a contemporary take on classical Indian yoga that involves a smooth and energetic transition between poses, synchronised with breathwork. There are literally countless YouTube vinyasa flows to choose from, so why not try something a bit different with Yoga by Biola? Abiola Akanni is the founder of Trap Vinyasa, a body-positive yogic flow that combines dynamic yoga postures, modern dance flourishes and boxing, all designed to work with your favourite hip hop beats. Select a video, dial up the trap tunes, and add a little twerk to your traditional downward dog. 

Feel the burn with YouTube power yoga

Power yoga is the exercise of choice for those who want a vigorous, fitness-based approach to yoga. Taking elements of ashtanga athleticism and emphasising moves that build strength and flexibility, power yoga has fast become a favourite exercise for those who prefer a high-intensity workout. A surfer, a skater, and now a YouTube yogi bringing his own style of practice to the mat, Tim Senesi posts power yoga videos to his channel that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping. Scroll the range of total body workouts offered by Yoga With Tim as well as those which focus on specific areas of the body, and you could hone your hips, glutes, legs and more while clearing and focusing your mind. 

De-stress your mind with stress-busting YouTube yoga

Take a breath and life’s anxieties drift away with a helping hand from Annie Clarke. Her inspiring wellness channel, The Practice, features mood-lifting yoga that aims to de-clutter your mind, stretch your body, and leave you feeling good. Not only can you expect relaxing routines, designed to help you stress less, aid digestion, and generally start your day right, but you’ll also enjoy access to a range of mouthwatering recipes to help fuel your practice with ease. From thick fruity smoothies to nourishing flows, you’ll find everything you need to start treating your body like the temple it is with The Practice by your side. 

For the yogi who isn’t sure yoga is their thing

If you’re not quite sure whether yoga’s for you, why not dip your toe in the water with some short, bite-sized flows? Cat Meffan aims to make yoga a breeze with free weekly yoga classes and ‘how to’ yoga tutorials as well as travel vlogs, chatty videos about life and heaps of amazing activewear to drool over. Featuring a large selection of 15-minute routines you can squeeze into any part of your day, you might just find yourself hooked by the variety on offer as you get to know this social media star’s life. Don’t forget to check out her beautiful Instagram to enjoy glossy pictures and inspiring poses galore!


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