Which fridge freezer should I buy?
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Which fridge freezer should I buy?

22 May 2018

Your fridge freezer is hands down the most important piece of equipment in your kitchen. After all, you can live healthily on fruit and salads without ever needing to go near the cooker. And when you use a Currys voucher from vouchercloud you'll get your new fridge/freezer for a great price. But with so much choice on offer, how do you decide on the best fridge freezer for you?

Why type of fridge freezer do I need?

The chances are that, unless you're moving house or remodelling your kitchen, you'll be sticking to the same basic design whether that's a standard free-standing style with a top freezer compartment or American style with side by side compartments. Top freezer styles are generally cheaper and take up less space but that doesn't mean they can't be stylish like this iconic Smeg fridge freezer that's designed to add a real wow factor to your kitchen.


If you have the space, an American fridge freezer like this Samsung black fridge/freezer with integrated water and ice dispenser is brilliant for a family.


If you're redesigning your kitchen and want the ultimate in streamlined style, choose an integrated style that fits flush with your cabinets. Whatever fridge/freezer you choose, don't forget to use your Currys voucher for even bigger savings.


What size should I get?

If you buy a lot of fresh produce then obviously you'll prefer the fridge compartment to be larger, so opt for anything up to an 80/20 split for more fridge storage like this classic Swan fridge/freezer in a range of gorgeous colours.


Want to keep the freezer stocked with bargains and ready meals?

Then opt for a larger freezer compartment like this bargain Beko fridge/freezer with a 40/60 split in favour of the freezer compartment.


What features should I look for?

The more you spend, the more useful features and nice-to-haves your fridge/freezer will boast. But if you want to get the best performance for your budget, these are the best features to look for:
• Frost-free freezer - never defrost your freezer again with this handy feature.

• Adjustable shelves - it's frustrating when you want to store larger items and can't configure the space the way you want it so look for adjustable shelves that let you do just that.

• Adjustable door racks - if you store tall bottles, this is a really useful feature.

• A salad drawer - if you're into healthy eating this is a must have as it really does keep your salad crisp and ready to eat. Choose one that slides smoothly but doesn't slide all the way out.

• Smooth sliding freezer drawers - always choose a model with easy to use drawers. You're looking for hassle-free operation.

Whether you want all the bells and whistles or you simply need somewhere to stash your fruit and veg, Currys have a great range of fridge/freezers to suit every kitchen. And with a Currys voucher from vouchercloud you'll be able to trade up to a bigger and better model without busting your budget!


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