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Active Brasserie Blanc Vouchers & Discount Codes for December 2016

Two Course Set Menu from £10.95 at Brasserie Blanc

Two Course Set Menu from £10.95 at Brasserie Blanc Online

Free £50 Gift Card to Spend in January with Group Bookings at Brasserie Blanc

Free £50 Gift Card to Spend in January with Group Bookings at Brasserie Blanc Online

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About Brasserie Blanc

French cuisine is world-renowned for very good reason. With the freshest and most iconic ingredients, a true love for food engrained in the culture and a history of paring foods, drinks and ingredients to an exquisite degree, there’s very good evidence to suggest that that hype is well placed. With Brasserie Blanc vouchers, Raymond Blanc’s iconically French style of dining is up for grabs in delicious warming dishes in an equally warming atmosphere – all with that commitment to quality ingredients, prepared and cooked to perfection. Whether you’re popping in for breakfast and coffee, catching a quick lunch or dining for a beautiful three-course dinner with friends, Brasserie Blanc is a dining destination that should be high up on your list.

You can have a sneak peek at the menus on the website, picking out your ideal a la carte dishes, diving into the set menu or scouting the breakfast options for an early visit. You’ll quickly discover the endlessly tempting options that Brasserie Blanc offers can bring to your table too, as every dish is classic yet sophisticated, indulgent yet effortless. You can even discover the suppliers of meat, fish, veggies and cheese that Brasserie Blanc serves up, highlighting the true seasonality and quality of the food (and just how much care and attention has gone into picking each supplier). That commitment to quality extends to the service that every visitor will receive too – from the little touches to, of course, the drinks on offer, everything has been specially selected, specially prepared and delivered with love. True passion for food is hard to hide!