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New research has revealed the top five most and least attractive professions as voted for by Americans, with those working in a legal capacity the most desirable romantic catches.

In fact, lawyers and solicitors topped the list as the most attractive partners, while those employed in the talent scouting industry topped the list of the most unattractive professions.

According to the research, those employed in the legal field are the most attractive in the eyes of a potential partner, closely followed by doctors and those in the armed forces. The survey suggests that being employed in the talent scouting industry damages a person's romantic prospects, followed closely by being a club host and hotelier.

The study, conducted by vouchercloud, polled 2,361 American men and women who were all aged 18 or over and were single at the time of the poll to investigate what US citizens seek in a new partner. The survey was part of the company's wider ongoing research into influences on personal finances.

Respondents taking part were initially asked ‘When looking for a new romantic partner, which professions would you find the most attractive?’ and provided with a list of potential options, allowing them to select more than one if more than one profession appealed to them. Respondents could also select ‘other’ if they wanted the option to state a different profession that wasn't on the list. The vouchercloud team collaborated the answers and calculated the professions with the highest number of votes, to reveal the following top five most attractive professions:

  1. Lawyer / Solicitor - 51%
  2. Doctors / Surgeons - 45%
  3. Armed Forces - 36%
  4. Sports Manager / Coach / Player - 31%
  5. Vet - 29%

The respondents were then asked to identify the professions which they would find least attractive, which revealed the following top five least attractive professions for a potential partner:

  1. Talent Agent / Manager - 65%
  2. Club Host / Hostess - 61%
  3. Hotelier - 52%
  4. Entrepreneur - 41%
  5. Accountant - 37%

The study then asked ‘Do you take a person's career choices into account when judging whether or not they'd be a good potential partner?’ which revealed that 61% said that ‘yes’ they did, while the remaining 39% stated that the career of a new partner was not important to them.

Respondents were asked to indicate which characteristics they found most appealing when considering a prospective partner's profession, revealing job roles which demonstrated ‘power and responsibility’ to be the most attractive (63%), followed by ‘financial prospects’ (65%) and ‘intelligence’ (52%). When asked to choose whether appearance or profession was most important in the selection of a long term romantic partner, 43% confirmed that the profession of a new partner took precedence over their appearance, though 65% of respondents stated that the ‘personality’ of a new partner was more important than both their career choice and looks.

Matthew Wood of vouchercloud made the following comment:

“It's interesting to see that lawyers come top of the most attractive league table; there must be a certain something about the power and sharp suits. In terms of the least attractive professions, it's clear to see why the sleazy rep of the talent agent and temptation faced by the nightclub host might play a part in putting off prospective new partners. Jealousy and insecurity undoubtedly have a big reason behind the turn off, but people are not all the same and, by ruling out specific job roles or making assumptions about those people, you might end up missing out on the love of your life!”

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