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Mains from £11.50 at Belgo

Mains from £11.50 at Belgo Online

Express Menu from £7.50 at Belgo

Express Menu from £7.50 at Belgo Online

Sharing Platter from £13.00 at Belgo

Sharing Platter from £13.00 at Belgo Online

Desserts from £5.50 at Belgo

Desserts from £5.50 at Belgo Online

3 bottles of Slag Pils and a Bierwurst Hot Dog for £20.00 at Belgo

3 bottles of Slag Pils and a Bierwurst Hot Dog for £20.00 at Belgo Online

About Belgo

Enjoy the finest Belgium cooking in the heart of London at Belgo. The restaurants bring the very best Belgian cuisine to the UK’s capital city and have been since the very first branch opened in 1992. Book a table at any of the bars and restaurants and bring along a Belgo voucher to enjoy the latest special offers on food, drink and a lively Belgium atmosphere! From epic mussel dishes and famous double cooked chips to selections of extraordinary beers for curious drinkers, Belgo is just the place to enjoy an evening with friends. Sit down to a round, browse the extensive menu, choose a selection of classic dishes from the famous chain and then enjoy a reduction on the bill – perfect!

Belgo is now owned by the Tragus Group and is able to offer a unique and memorable dining experience to every customer, with great food and authentic Belgium beer making every occasion special. Each restaurant comes with a different personality, with some even having their waiters and waitresses dressed in monk’s robes! Whichever branch you visit you’ll be tempted by their famous moules selection, appealing chicken dishes and a host of very Belgium sides to accompany the meal. Just be sure to make the most of the latest Belgo offers and enjoy a little extra with the money you’ve saved. Add on dessert if you have any room, or order another round of carefully selected beer from the Belgium experts. From their authentic and fun food menu to the décor surrounding each dinner table, you’re sure to return to Belgo time after time.