Amazon Echo tips and tricks
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Amazon Echo tips and tricks

22 May 2018

The Amazon Echo is a fun Smart accessory for any home and the constant Alexa learning curve means its skills are regularly updated. When you first use Amazon Echo, you will need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network and take over its control using the Alexa app. There are a selection of Amazon Echo devices on the market, so you can choose the device best suited to your requirements. You can save money on your Amazon Echo purchase when you use a discount code from vouchercloud to buy your device from Currys.

Amazon Echo tips for use

Mute Alexa

The Amazon Echo is constantly listening out for the term "Alexa", which can be particularly intrusive if there is someone in the household with a similar name. If you want to mute the wake-up and response service, use the mute button on top of your Echo speaker. Simply pressing the button again will turn the service back on. You can also change the response work to "Computer", "Amazon" or "Echo" if you prefer by accessing the settings in the Alexa app.

Controlling Amazon Echo through a browser

Instead of using the Alexa app to control your Echo device, you can utilise your web browser by visiting This allows you to control the device without any requirement to go through your mobile phone.

Flash briefing

Saying the phrases "Alexa, what's new?" or "Alexa, flash briefing" gives you a brief catch up of information, such as news and weather. If you want to customise your flash briefings, you can do this via the Alexa app, where it's possible to switch off the settings, add more content to your flash briefings, or change the order of delivery.

Sports update

Saying the phrase "Alexa sports update" will give you news commentary on any of your chosen teams. You customise the sports update via the Alexa app in settings, where you can add most of the well-known teams and sports.

Traffic details

Customising your Amazon Echo to provide traffic information for your regular commute is easy via the settings menu in the Alexa app. You just need to input details for your regular daily trips and Alexa can provide traffic information on a regular basis when required.

Add your calendar

If you add your calendar information to the Amazon Echo, Alexa will provide details of any calendar information whenever asked. Echo Show also provides all this detail on its screen.

Voice purchasing from Amazon

You can use your Amazon Echo to buy products from Amazon once it has been set up in Settings. Purchases are all made via voice command, so if you want to limit purchases by any other members of your household you may wish to turn off this service.

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