Best bathroom hacks you never knew
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Best bathroom hacks you never knew

22 May 2018

The bathroom may be the smallest room in the home but it certainly sees the most traffic throughout the day, particularly if you have children in the home. These simple bathroom hacks will help make the most of your bathroom and ensure every product can be retrieved easily and quickly to save time and energy.

1. Wine rack towel storage

Wine racks can be useful towel storage racks, whether they are hung on the wall or freestanding. A decorative wine rack hung on the wall will add visual appeal to the bathroom and it's easy to keep rolled up towels in each section of the rack so they can be retrieved quickly. Freestanding wine racks can feature a rolled up towel within each storage compartment. Wine rack towel storage is a space saving solution that helps ensure there are always freshly laundered towels available in your bathroom.

2. Wall mounted planter storage

Next time you see some wall mounted plant pots in reduced bins at retail outlets, consider buying a couple to mount on the wall in your bathroom. Planters can be used to store a variety of bathroom essentials and make a pretty, colourful addition to the bathroom.

3. Add a magnetic strip to the bathroom cabinet

You can pick up magnetic tape strips from any DIY outlet and stick them inside bathroom cabinets or on the edge of a counter. Magnetic strips are really useful for storing any small metallic products required in the bathroom. Tweezers and hairgrips always seem to go astray but when they are stored safely on a magnetic strip they will remain there until needed.

4. Shoe organisers for showers or walls

Shoe organisers with mesh pockets are great for storing a variety of different shower products and accessories in shower cubicles. If you have a shower curtain in place, the organiser will attach to the curtain hooks, alternatively fix your shoe organiser to the wall in the shower enclosure and keep all your shower products neatly in one place. You could also hang a shoe organiser from a wall or door in the bathroom to store makeup and beauty essentials, you can quickly spot the products you need when they're displayed in an organiser making it much easier to get ready for work or school on time.

5. Cookie jar display for bath salts

Source a decorative glass cookie jar or storage jar for displaying your collection of bath salts. You just need to empty all the bags of bath salts cluttering your bathroom into the glass jar to create a colourful display that will add a touch of glamour to your bathroom decor.

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