Five ways to rock glitter this Christmas
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Five ways to rock glitter this Christmas

27 November 2018

Christmas is the perfect time of year to get glammed up and showered in glitter for a look that truly dazzles. For those that fear they’ll look more festival than festive, vouchercloud is here to help. Read these five tips on how to carry off the hottest glitter-looks with subtlety and style - without costing you a fortune.


  1. Brighten up the Beauty Box

Some might think that glitter on the face is strictly reserved for kids parties, but a subtle eyeshadow with glittery undertones can transform your daily makeup into a decorative marvel. Start off simple with a subtle glitter eyeliner that can add a hint of a shimmer to your shadow. Or, dare to be different with a bold smoky-eye or vibrant colour, such as the Gypsy Purple from brands like Stila, for a popping palette that gives you that extra twinkle in your eye.


  1. Be a Body Dazzler

It’s not just your face that can benefit from a blast of glitter. Shop for body washes and powders that leave your skin with a festive glow, such as the Bod Mermaid Shimmer. Not only will you look and feel gorgeous, but you’ll be doing your bit for the planet by picking a brand with biodegradable glitter in it! Finish the look with a glitter mist from ASOS to give you that extra boost of glittery-goodness.


  1. Dress to Impress       

It’s not just Christmas jumpers that can help you stand out from the crowd. Find a dress that is as glamorous as it is glittery and you’ll soon feel like all eyes are on you. For those still unsure on how to rock a glittery frock, choose a subtle matte-lined dress with other features such as cut-outs, so that the attention isn’t all on the sparkles. Or, pick a dress that dazzles - the likes of ASOS and PLT have lots of party options that will catch the light as much as it catches eyes.


  1. Accessorise and Shine          

For more formal Christmas events, use glitter as a way to brighten up your little black dress. Find accessories, such as these bold glitter earrings, to draw the eyes up and add a glimmer of sparkle to your outfit. Or store your items in a cute glitter-covered clutch, for an accessory that shines without distracting from your outfit.


  1. Sparkle in your Shoes

Always envied those Wizard of Oz shoes? With Christmas coming up, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t splash out on your own sparkly stilettos, such as these ASOS Pink Glitter icons, and give your feet something to look fabulous in. If you can’t make it to the Christmas party this year, bring the effervescence to the office with a pair of glittery loafers


Don’t sweat over the cost of your sparkles. With vouchercloud, you can work glitter into your glamour for next to nothing, using the incredible discounts and deals across makeup and clothing brands to make a saving. Now that the holiday season is here, it’s time to shimmer up!

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