How to go on a cheap summer holiday
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How to go on a cheap summer holiday

22 May 2018

In the age of the internet, there are so many ways to plan and buy a cheap summer holiday. Whether you like to get out on the road and cover a large distance, are after a complete 'chillax' somewhere on the coast, or are an urbanite who wishes to discover your next city - there is no need to break the bank.

In this blog, we go through some ways of bringing your costs down for a cheap summer holiday. Enjoy!

The advantages of all inclusive

All Inclusive Hotel

Thanks to the internet, there are now so many great value package deals which you can pick up, keeping costs to a minimum. For those who need to relax without a care in the world, all inclusive holidays allow you to eat and drink to your heart's content in some of the world's most idyllic resorts.

Take this £579 per person deal for the beach front, five-star ClubHotel Riu Karamboa on the Cape Verde Islands off Africa, for instance. Looking at a lower price range? For just £390 per person, you can fly out to Portugal and enjoy the four-star Club Hotel Riu Guarana, set on a cliff top overlooking the beach, with everything from breakfast to dinner and drinks included. To bring down those prices even lower, you can take a look at the holiday vouchers which are available.

City slickers

City Break

Summertime can be the best season to take a city break, enjoying some of Europe's most beautiful metropolises in all their splendour. And the great thing is, city breaks can be superb value, too. Cheap flights are available all across Europe and further afield - just take a look at the city break selection here. City breaks allow you to really get a feel for some of the world's iconic urban centres, seeing the sights and absorbing the culture. By bagging a cheap hotel deal and making an effort to eat as the locals do from local shops, rather than fancy restaurants, a city break can be very fulfilling while also budget friendly.

Get your backpack ready!

Backpacker Holiday

There is one sure-fire way to see as much as you can while spending as little as possible - backpacking. And if you are in the over 30s bracket, fear not, because backpacking is no longer the preserve of gap year students. You can mix it with like-minded individuals in hostels which lie all over Europe, South East Asia and South America, keeping your costs down by staying in shared accommodation. Buy your food from supermarkets rather than restaurants and you will often find you can try just as much of the local cuisine. Popular backpacking routes include down through Northern and Western Europe by train; along the Brazilian coast from Sao Paulo to Rio and up to Salvador; and across South East Asia from Thailand to Vietnam.

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