The best spa treatments for premium pampering in National Spa Week 2019
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The best spa treatments for premium pampering in National Spa Week 2019

05 November 2019

We Brits have a special place in our hearts for a little pampering - R&R is a key part of the national culture. From seaside holidays and nice meals out, to a day at the pool or a swift trip down the local, destressing is super important. But, unfortunately, the Scandinavians did not bless us with spa culture until recently. Saunas, the rapid heating and cooling strategies, and steam baths remained firmly within their cultural walls… at least until recent times.

Swedish Massage 


One of the forefathers of the full body massage, the Swedish Massage is designed to reduce muscle fatigue and relax the body with long gliding strokes towards the heart. The Swedish Massage not only helps soothe your muscles, but is also known to improve your circulation. Starting at 40 minutes for a more localised version, and extending to 90 minutes for full-body attention, there’s a very good reason the Swedish Massage is a spa day favourite! 

Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massages, surprisingly, employ the use of warm smooth stones as a form of massage. The stone treatment is designed to allow deeper pressure on your muscles but without the full-body tenderness that follows a deep-tissue treatment. A real best-of-both-worlds option! 

This massage is best suited for aiding pain relief and improving circulation. Other benefits include promoting good sleep - a theory also used in weighted blankets.

Treat your feet


Our feet really do take a beating. Stuffed into shoes day in day out, and taking the brunt of hard pavements and stairs… they really do deserve some TLC. That’s where the humble pedicure comes in. 

Mixing cuticle grooming and skin removal, spa pedicures see conditioning creams massaged into your feet for the ultimate relaxation. 

The humble Hot Tub


We’ve all been tempted, at one point or another, to invest in a hot tub of our very own. Sat in the garden with a glass of prosecco. Unfortunately, hot tub running costs can be prohibitive. Not including the cost of purchasing the actual hot tub, you’re looking at around £40 a month - sometimes over £100 for cheaper models - just to run the thing. Long-term, it’s likely cheaper just to visit your local spa and indulge! 


As much as the Scandinavians can teach us about spa culture, it’s safe to say we’ll be avoiding sauna-meetings in the near future. If you’re looking for the biggest and best sauna deals for 2019, look no further than vouchercloud! We have a host of Spa Break vouchers and discount codes ready and waiting. Take a look! 

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