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Daily Essentials Delivered

Daily Essentials Delivered Online

Order up to 9pm for Next Day Delivery

Order up to 9pm for Next Day Delivery Online

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About milk&more

The iconic and ever-reliable British milkman is still doing the rounds today, bringing the freshest of fresh milk to the doorsteps of families all over the country. This isn’t just your ordinary, 1950s milkman, mind you; he’s now stocking all your essentials, and making sure you don’t have to nip out for supplies in the freezing cold in your dressing gown. That’s because, with a Milk and More voucher code, your milkman has evolved into a corner shop on wheels, covering all your local-shop-supplies and delivering the whole thing to your door – and for a competitive price too.

This modern incarnation of the classic milkman delivers a whole range of food, produce and home supplies to your door, alongside the classic quality and locally sourced milk that you’ve always received. In fact, Milk and More offers a remarkably expansive range of standard British milk, organic milk, flavoured milks and dairy-free or lactose-free milks, which, with a Milk and More promo code, are no longer difficult to find and overly expensive. With delivery up to 6 days a week and a regular, regional delivery driver, the service matches up to your classic milkman too – and exceeds expectations with the offer of products!

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