Pizza Math - Your Guide to Pizza Prices and Size in the UK
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Pizza Math - Your Guide to Pizza Prices and Size in the UK

02 February 2018

Pizza is important. It saves us from hangovers, covers our guilty treats and spoils us on the bad days. It is cheese. It is tomato. It is life.

But sometimes, it's hard to figure out where you get value for money; in particular, it's hard to figure out whether buying a bigger pizza genuinely saves you money, or is a bit of a false dawn in terms of money saving. That, and it's always hard to spot a bargain when the competition is fierce and there are dozens of Pizza Hut vouchers, Dominos discount codes, Papa Johns offers and Pizza Express voucher codes floating around.

That's why vouchercloud decided to take an in-depth look at the some of the numbers behind the deliciousness. Let us guide you through how much cheaper pizzas get as you buy bigger, what the UK's offering is in terms of pizza price and size, and where you can get the greatest value for money.

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Firstly, the sizes and cost of each brand's pizzas, starting with Domino's Pizza. Oddly enough, Dominos massively underprice their 7" pizza, and overprice their 9.5" pizza. That means a Dominos small pizza (9.5") gives you less pizza than two Dominos personal pizzas (7") but is more expensive.

Long story short? Never buy a small from Dominos, but bigger is definitely much cheaper.

Domino's Pizza Sizes

Size of Pizza Average Price of Pizza Average Price per Square Inch
Dominos Personal Pizza 7" £6.56 £0.17
Dominos Small Pizza 9.5" £13.42 £0.19
Dominos Medium Pizza 11.5" £15.77 £0.15
Dominos Large Pizza 13.5" £17.77 £0.12

Pizza Hut

...and moving on to Pizza Hut's array of fabulous baked creations. The smaller sizes of pizza at Pizza Hut are worst value for money than Dominos, but get cheap quite quickly. However, Pizza Hut pizzas are still more expensive per square inch than Dominos, and you should buy big.

Pizza Hut Pizza Sizes

Size of Pizza Average Price of Pizza Average Price per Square Inch
Pizza Hut Small Pizza 9" £13.87 £0.22
Pizza Hut Medium Pizza 11" £15.97 £0.17
Pizza Hut Large Pizza 13" £17.97 £0.14

Papa John's

...and swiftly on to Papa John's and its own pizza selection. Papa John's starts off way more expensive than the other pizza brands, but almost ends up as cheap when you get to the bigger sizes. They do offer bigger sizes than Dominos and Pizza Hut too, meaning when you buy even bigger you get even more bite for your buck.

Basically, Papa John's is a good option if you're buying big, but will prove costly if you're getting the smaller pizzas.

Papa John's Pizza Sizes

Size of Pizza Average Price of Pizza Average Price per Square Inch
Papa John's Small Pizza 8" £14.53 £0.30
Papa John's Medium Pizza 11.5" £16.45 £0.16
Papa John's Large Pizza 13.5" £18.41 £0.13
Papa John's XXL Pizza 15.5" £20.45 £0.11

Pizza GoGo

And Pizza GoGo - cheaper at the start and a little cheaper at the end, but all the pizzas are mahoosive.

Pizza GoGo Pizza Sizes

Size of Pizza Average Price of Pizza Average Price per Square Inch
Pizza GoGo Small Pizza 10.5" £13.90 £0.16
Pizza GoGo Medium Pizza 12" £16.09 £0.14
Pizza GoGo Large Pizza 15" £17.90 £0.10

Pizza Express

And finally, Pizza Express is cheaper on the whole but, of course, Deliveroo can have its foibles in terms of delivery prices and the occasionally inconsistent quality of what arrives.

Pizza Express Pizza Sizes

Size of Pizza Average Price of Pizza Average Price per Square Inch
Pizza Express Classic Pizza 11" £11.18 £0.12
Pizza Express Romana Pizza 14" £12.93 £0.08

You can see the above visualised in the chart below - including an insight into how Pizza Express is a bit of a bargain (so long as you're willing to pay for the Deliveroo surcharge...)

Pizza Prices Brand by Brand

In fact, we've actually plotted every pizza from the UK's favourite pizza brands on one chart so show you exactly how prices change as the size of your pizza increases, featuring 249 different pizzas in every available size.

Pizza Math Chart - the Size and Cost of Every UK Takeaway Pizza

So, what does that mean?

It means it pays to go big. Pizza prices drop quickly when you order in bigger sizes, with a 15 inch pizza costing roughly 10p per square inch - compared to 20p per square inch when you order an 8.5 inch pizza. That means you're paying twice as much for every bite of pizza.

In fact, we've handily illustrated specifically how pizza prices change when the size of the pizza you order increases - and how many smaller pizzas you need to order to get the same amount of pizza total - via the Pizza-conomy of scale.

Economy of Scale for Pizza

Basically, to get the same amount of pizza as you'd get in a 15 inch pizza, you'd need to buy over four and a half 7 inch pizzas. And that means, instead of costing you roughly £17.49 - based on UK pizza prices - it would cost you a whopping £42.92.

Things do tend to get cheaper quicker, though. The smaller sizes will typically leave you with significantly less pizza for your money, with brands encouraging you to buy bigger sizes (for obvious reasons, of course!)

Of course, if you aren't going to eat the amount of pizza you're going to buy, then it isn't worth your money. All you've done is waste the extra money on buying more!

It's also worth remembering that there are always some good deals floating around, and if you're a fan of sides and garlic bread then you can't go too far wrong with the 'meal deals' that most brands offer up. Check out our restaurant vouchers or pizza voucher codes and our how to get free food guide if you want to save on the whole shebang, too.

That, and two for Tuesday is always fabulous - just remember that you're still dealing with the prices per inch and how quickly they decrease the bigger you buy!

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