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New Season Ranges from £9 at Garden Furniture World

Garden Furniture World Discount Codes

Fire Pits & Braziers from £29.99 at GardenFurnitureWorld

About BBQ & Outdoor Cooking

The sun is out and the afternoon is crying out for you to gather some friends and light up the barbeque. As British folk, we love any excuse to bring out the BBQ, so when a ray of sun breaks through the clouds don’t be stuck without one. We’ve got BBQ offers to take advantage of both in-store and online for a huge array of brands and home & garden retail stores, so you can get a far supreme barbequing machine than you thought you could afford.

Depending on how much you enjoy cooking a variety of meat, fish and vegetables BBQ-style will greatly influence what kind of BBQ you need and how much you’re willing to spend. It doesn’t get much better than our BBQ discount for The Range, where you can shop their huge selection of barbeques, grill racks, utensils, grill pans, novelty sauce bottles and more in just a few clicks. Their large selection of classic charcoal, burner gas grill and large chef style steel barbeques will make sure you find the right one to take a prime spot in your garden, so you can cook up a storm for your guests. Keep a look out for seasonal offers to grab some money-off, and you might even be able to take away one of their cast stone BBQ’s or terracotta Chimneas for a fraction of the price. Don’t be surprised if you’re husband shows an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm towards this shopping trip. You could listen to blokey barbeque chat while he fusses over his brand new manly meat-cooking space, or simply brush off this casual sexism and get him to make the salad instead! We’ll leave that up to you.