Kick off 2019 with Body Confidence
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Kick off 2019 with Body Confidence

17 January 2019


Body confidence is the New Year’s resolution on everyone’s mind. Throw those January Blues out the window because we’ve got the advice you need to have you feeling body beautiful.


Think real woman and natural endorphin vibes - it’s time to give your body image the healthy credit it deserves.


Start at the bottom

To love what you’re working with, is just the start. Be you hourglass, an apple, pear, straight up and down rectangle, triangle or with all the gorgeous curves in between - it’s time to strip off and know yourself from head to toe.


Understanding the intricacies of your physique will allow you to dress for it. From comfort to confidence, start with your base layers and find perfectly fitting lingerie from the likes of ASOS and M&S that will only enhance your natural shape. Coming in a variety of fabrics and colours - this is how to feel beautiful in the buff.


Work with your genes

A classic pair of jeans can work wonders. And the right fit will perfect most outfits which will ultimately build your confidence on a day to day basis. Use the Very Denim Fit Style Guide to find your dream denim and then start teaming it up with a custom-made shirt for your shape to highlight your best assets.


Engage with your endorphins

Remember when Elle Woods told us how  "Exercise gives you endorphins, and Endorphins make you happy.”? Well, Legally Blonde hit the nail on the head and getting your fill of it can give your body confidence a real time boost.


You don’t have to hit the gym, just move how you want. Going for a walk, running around the high-street or signing up to a Tai Chi or self defense class - and going - it all counts.


Treat yourself to some brand spanxing new sportswear from Sports Direct, and the likes - from jazzy leggins to sweat-wicking tops - you’ll soon be feeling fly.

The key to body confidence is to love your natural self and to work with who you are. Be your own beauty with the help of vouchercloud and our women’s fashion discount codes to save money while you nail body confidence this 2019.

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