Best Christmas holidays abroad - where to go for a real winter warmer
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Best Christmas holidays abroad - where to go for a real winter warmer

11 December 2018

Christmas. Take away the bells, the whistles, the sprouts and the further subsequent whistles, and you’re left with a cold, often soggy, holiday period.


Yes, we all love Christmas. What we often don’t enjoy is being stranded in snow at the bottom of a steep hill trying to get home from work.


While The Beast from the East isn’t making a comeback any time soon, snow may be making an appearance this Christmas. Is it really worth the risk of cold toes when beautiful beaches await? You could take in a little culture - maybe a traditional Australian Christmas BBQ?


We’ve pulled together our top recommendations for a real winter warmer:



Let’s be honest with each other. Ice. It’s not a word that inspires thoughts of warmth. Warmland it is not… but Iceland is famous for its hot springs, and any country with enough to form a top 10 lists is worthy of an honourable mention.


The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik Swimming hall and The Secret Lagoon are all top contenders (despite the irony of a secret lagoon appearing on a list such as this.)


Powered by the local volcano (yes, the one that caused ash issues with those flights a few years ago) the hot springs aren’t cooling down any time soon.


Bondi Beach, Australia

Spending Christmas at Bondi Beach with backpack in tow has been synonymous for a number of years (until it got too popular and the local council cracked down). Now, it’s a more family friendly affair.


How many people can say they’ve sung Christmas carols by the sea in Australia?


Orlando, Florida

Cheeky Christmas trip to Disneyland, anyone? Picture the look on the kids faces when you tell them they get to be in the most magical place on earth, at the most magical time on earth. It’s definitely not about your burning need to see Santa (Mickey) Mouse.


The average temperature for Florida in December is around 16 degrees - BBQ weather in the UK. At this time of year, you’re really getting the best of Florida - it’s dry, warm, and the humidity is nowhere to be seen.



Large beaches, effortless style, and a national affection for locally produced rum - Cuba is a haven of escapism - whether that’s from overbearing relatives or the “cold weather” is up to you.


Being a communist country, which by definition rejects capitalist celebrations, you could even escape from Christmas itself if you wanted to. Fun fact - it was actually banned by Castro for nearly three decades. He’d likely never seen A Christmas Carol.   


Overall, It’s clear that you’ll need to leave Western Europe for a chance of sun this Christmas - although the more volcanic regions definitely make up for it with under-floor (magma) heating. Wherever your wanderlust takes you, features a staggering range of flights, hotels and getaways - all at gloriously discounted prices. Take a look!


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