Here are 5 spring summer 2019 interior trends that you can keep all year round
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Here are 5 spring summer 2019 interior trends that you can keep all year round

30 August 2019

The interior design trends of 2019 have been pretty darn cool and this summer has brought us even more inspiration for happy home looks. This year, the spring summer 2019 interior trends have put sustainability, energy and colour ahead of all the rest, so we’ve wrapped up 5 of the best that you can keep all year round. Small, simple and purely cosmetic, these sunny additions will deliver instant beauty and have a long-lasting effect on every type of home. 

Unique Wall Art 


Your wall space isn’t solely reserved for framed photographs. Think of it as a blank canvas that you can fill as elaborately as you wish. Abstract art pieces, objects and other textured pieces can add depth to every space so when it comes to walls, you can favour the weird and wonderful.

Colourful and intricate designs can be hard to come by at a reasonable price, so consider using items you’ve collected on previous travels or even from this summer holiday. It’s the perfect opportunity to put fond memories on show by means of wall hangings, adorned throws, prints and more. 

Not to worry if you haven’t been globe-trotting recently as TK Maxx and Etsy have a catalogue full of worldly inspired accessories and wall art for you to choose from. Go big and not only will you jazz up your space but they are likely to make a good talking point for guests too! 

Good Bathroom Plants


House plants are always on trend and an obvious complement to every home, and if you want to keep the summer vibes going from summer through autumn and winter, we recommend a few tropical yet low maintenance green options in every corner of your home, and especially in the bathroom! 

The often forgotten room when it comes to accessories, bathrooms actually make a great habitat for a fair few tropical numbers. The following plants have been selected for their beauty and purifying air benefits yet easy-care, meaning that they are happy with humidity, changes in temperature and low or indirect light. 

Bromeliads have shiny, vivacious leaves that sprout from a central point, much like the top of a pineapple. In bloom, their flowers are bright and almost geometric, making them easy additions for optimum oomph. New flowers can last for weeks, even months so your home won’t be without a touch of tropical beauty for long. Take a look at the options available at Crocus

The Cast Iron plant - it’s in the name -  is tough as old boots and will be happy as Larry in low or indirect light. The abundance of sleek foliage will have you dreaming of warm climates even on the most drizzliest of days.

Ferns are pretty hardy but too much sunlight and dry heat will get them down which is why the bathroom is an ideal home for them. Asparagus ferns are nice options for a bathroom. Their delicate, rich green foliage is wholeheartedly reminiscent of a rainforest and this house plant will thrive off the humidity and moderate to low light conditions. 


Dried Grass Decor



Dried flowers and grasses are no longer naff and they have made a huge comeback this year. This is a perfectly sustainable alternative to freshly cut flowers or plastic artificial numbers. It won’t matter if you’re rushed off your feet and likely to give watering a miss, as these preserved blooms need zero maintenance and they ain't going anywhere in a hurry. 

Deep pink dried Helichrysum or Delphinium, bright orange Starflowers, a fragrant lavender bush or another colourful bloom can add heaps of character to minimal corridors, empty corners and windowsills all year round. To add height to a small space, go for long wild grasses tied with string or a colourful ribbon for even more effect. Etsy has a sweet selection of everlasting buds as does Amazon and Not on the High Street so you’ve got plenty of different - and fragrant - options to choose from. 

Feature Wall Wallpaper



The ultimate energy inducer is colour, and whether you opt for calming botanical hues or statement brights for feature walls, it’s time to release your wild side. This summer we’ve seen vibrant mustard hues turn lacklustre lounges around and animal print wallpaper make its way into bedrooms, bathrooms and shabby corridors; the key is to make it pop with a cool contrast and you’ll instantly inject energy into your surroundings so that you can enjoy that feel-good summer vibe all year round.

Both Graham & Green and John Lewis & Partners have a whole host of unique wallpapers to inspire you. From whimsical marine habitats to strolling big cats and straight-up leopard spots - you’ll find that special or subtle wallpaper to make your interiors sing summer all year long. 

The Home Mini Bar



A Piña colada in the summer rain, a refreshing g&t at your garden party - the minibar is an essential part of home summer decor - but why only whip up your favourite and most colourful drinks in the summertime? This is a decorative element that has a place in every home all year round. The perfect fit for a bare alcove or lonely corner, and if you opt for a bar on wheels then you can change its location whenever the moment takes you. Keep it a little regal - Great Gatsby vibes - decanter the gin, invest in a mirrored cocktail shaker and your drinks station will bring endless style and fun to your abode. 

Take a look at eBay for good value vintage and recycled pieces, while, Wayfair and Habitat never fail to offer chic and stylish options that are sure to get your neighbours talking. 

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