Top summer BBQ ideas to impress your guests
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Top summer BBQ ideas to impress your guests

30 May 2019

With warm weather approaching, National BBQ Week receives the same reception as years gone by - hopeful optimism combined with stoic preparation. As a nation, we don’t have the best reputation for our barbeque acumen… the Americans and the Australians, BBQ experts all, consider our food to be basic and bland. 


So the good news: the standards for impressing your friends and family are incredibly low in this area. We at vouchercloud have brought together our most favourite recipes to show off your cooking skills with a minimum of effort expended. 


Preparation is key


I’m talking marinades. Even if it’s just a few hours before the BBQ itself, a good marinade can turn a try bit of chicken into a morsel fit for Gordon Ramsey. 


Naturally, the marinade that works best will change depending on the meat you choose. Despite that, a good all rounder is lemon, honey, garlic and a little bit of olive oil. With this base, you can tackle chicken, fish, pork chops and most kebabs. It’s a real performer!


Halloumi skewers 


The UK is, without a doubt, one of the biggest importers of Halloumi in the world. In fact, the only country that consumes more halloumi than us is Cyprus - the place where it’s made. 


Season it a little with oil and pepper, whack it on a skewer, and cook away. It’s delightfully simple, tastes amazing, and can be used instead of cheddar to make that burger even better! Just be careful… if you aren’t watching, it’s very easy to burn! 


Fish; whole or sliced 


Forget canned fish - your world is about to change. While cooking fish on the grill is a little more advanced than throwing down a burger, the results are worth it. You can either buy a whole fish from your local butcher, or simply grab a good cut from the meat aisle.


For the whole fish, you can ask for it pre-gutted. Jamie Oliver has an excellent recipe for this. Citrus is, again, an excellent flavour profile that can be used for fish, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, a little cajun spice can go a long way!  


The Don  of burger-land


Beyond making your own burgers from mince, there are a few basic tactics you can use to turn a standard beef burger into a restaurant-worthy offering. First, throw some bacon on to the heat. After the first flip, add some cheese to the cooked side, and throw the bacon on top to get it nice and melted. If you’re feeling a little more lux, then replace the bacon with chorizo to add a spicy twist to the standard fare. Toast the bun, add a sauce of your choice, and you’ve got something more worthy of serving. 


As with most things in life, a little extra effort goes a long way. A few simple changes to your BBQ repertoire may not turn you into a master chef overnight…  but the flavours are undeniable. 


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