The best prosecco deals for 2019
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The best prosecco deals for 2019

08 August 2019

Prosecco is a fascinating drink. Despite being similar to Champagne in many ways, it’s often listed at a third of the price. Marketing and customer perceptions have certainly played a part in this… but the important point is this: prosecco is the liquid definition of luxury for less. 

First produced in 1868, prosecco is now a protected term - only sparkling wines created in Italy’s Veneto region. The glorious concoction is made in tanks (as opposed to Champagne which is often aged in the bottle) which means the Co2 which would normally escape sits in the prosecco mix. It’s where the bubbles come from! 

For those of you in the know, there are three types of Prosecco - Spumante, Frizzante, or Tranquillo. Translated, that’s ‘sparkling’, ‘semi-sparkling’, and, predictably, still (tranquil). It all comes down to taste. 

The very best prosecco, in our opinion, combines two things - tastiness and cheapness. After all, there’s no point spending £40 on a bottle if a £5 one tastes exactly the same. 

How much is a glass of prosecco?


Ultimately, the prosecco price by glass is defined by a select few things. The type you’re buying, the supermarket you’ve sourced it from, and whether that sparkling wine is actually a prosecco. While luxury brands like Ocado, Waitrose and M&S may have monopolised the top end of the market, there are a number of options to get a little quality for less. 

Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons prosecco are currently the best ranked by vouchercloud in terms of cheapness and quality. In Aldi, a glass of prosecco will set you back a floaty-light 83p. (Yes, that’s not a typo.)  

Store Prosecco Brand 2019 Price Size (ml) Price per glass Rating
1 Aldi Castellore Prosecco Frizzante DOC £4.99 750 £0.83 4.2 stars
2 LIDL Allini Prosecco Frizzante £5.49 750 £0.92 82/100
3 Morrisons Coppiere Prosecco Frizzante £5.50 750 £0.92 N/A
4 Aldi Castellore Prosecco Spumante DOC £5.99 750 £1.00 4.8 stars
5 LIDL Allini Prosecco Spumante £5.99 750 £1.00 83/100
6 ASDA Fillipo Sansovino Prosecco £6.00 750 £1.00 4.6 stars
7 Tesco Plaza Centro Prosecco £6.00 750 £1.00 4.4 stars
8 ASDA Prosecco Extra Dry £6.00 750 £1.00 4.4 stars
9 Iceland Onbrina Prosecco Frizzante £6.00 750 £1.00 N/A
10 Morrisons Montecampo Prosecco Spumante £6.00 750 £1.00 N/A
11 Tesco Bella Cucina Prosecco £6.00 750 £1.00 4.4 stars

Lidl prosecco, however, matches that we’ve found in Morrisons - both costing 92p per glass. 

You can take a look at the full research here. Remember to visit our supermarket discount codes page to scrape a few pounds extra off your trolley price!

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