5 Ways to Embrace your inner Vegetarian this Summer
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5 Ways to Embrace your inner Vegetarian this Summer

31 May 2019

Spring is in full swing with a scorcher of a summer set to follow, and with the warm weather comes a wide variety of fun foods to try. However, with all the barbecues, work-dos and cocktail parties, it’s easy to miss a chance at sampling something new. It doesn’t occur to many but some of the best summer dishes come without a scrap of meat on the plate. So before you head out to bag a tried-and-tested summer favourite, we’d like to help broaden your culinary horizons with a look at vegetarian dishes and fun ways to fit them into your culinary schedule.


Delicious dishes for home and away

We all know the satisfaction of a cool salad on a sizzling afternoon, or varying our barbecue spread with a juicy vegetable and halloumi skewer. Which is why here at vouchercloud we’re offering you five different ways to introduce you to a whole new selection of mouth-watering delicacies, whether out-and-about or at home.


Adapting Old Favourites


There’s no easier way to introduce something new to your taste buds than by changing up a part of a classic recipe. Sub out chicken or ham from your weekday dinners in favour of tofu, which can seriously surprise your taste buds when combined with the right complementary veg.


Should you want to branch out even further, you’d be amazed with what you can do to add a vegetarian twist to a traditional dish. With a quick discount from our Lakeland page you can bag an easy-to-use vegetable spiralizer, perfect for substituting your pasta and other carbs with some delicious courgette ribbons or butternut squash noodles.


Cook Up Something New


One of the best parts of cooking is getting to grips with a new recipe. If you fancy diving in the deep end and making something from scratch, then why not get a helping hand from an expert. 


With pages of culinary knowledge available at the click of a finger, you can source some sensational veggie recipes from the likes of Waterstones or The Book Depository for less than double-digits! Whether you’re looking for a personal selection from a celebrity chef or a motley crew of fan-found favourites, you can find a formula that matches your particular style of cooking.


Try it With Takeaway


When the day’s been long or you’re just looking to laze, nothing’s easier than ordering a takeaway. Now thanks to the availability of merchants like Deliveroo and Just Eat, the variety of meals you can order has grown beyond more basic fast food options. What better way to embrace the new vegetarian you than a restaurant-quality dish in the comfort of your home. 


Eat Out and Tuck In


We all have our favourite local, from Italian to French to Thai, so what’s not to say your next favourite meal wasn’t hidden on the menu all along? Have a gander at their vegetarian selection and you may just surprise yourself with the level of flavour these dishes can produce. Check in on our local vouchers to save on your next sample of vegetarian deliciousness!


Find a Food Festival Near You


What’s even better than a restaurant-cooked meal? A platter of mouth-watering dishes served up by both amateur and experienced vegetarian chefs! There’s no easier way to experience a variety of new foods than a local food festival, with particular events dedicated to those with more vegetable-favoured palates. Vegfest is one particular highlight, with local events featuring in Bristol, Brighton and London respectively. 

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