5 great gifts for the ultimate chocoholic
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5 great gifts for the ultimate chocoholic

01 March 2019

If you or a friend are thinking of giving up chocolate for Lent, then now is the time to load up on your kryptonite. What better way to make indulging even more special than with a delicious chocolate gift? We’ve rounded up 5 of our favourites that ultimate chocoholics will not forget in a hurry. 


From a classic box of choccies, to chocolate-themed experiences that are tasty enough to impress Willy Wonka himself, it’s time to put on your stretchy pants, you are in for a serious chocolate ride.


Chocolate Themed Experiences


Pretty darn decadent and highly likely to be fun, why wouldn’t you sign up to a chocolate making course? People are finally beginning to understand that the best way to have delicious chocolate at your beck and call, is to make your own. Become a proud chocolatier with a workshop from Virgin Experience or Red Letter Days to gain knowledge on the chocolate making process, beginning with the cocoa bean and ending in glory. 


Learn the craft solo or go with a loved one in a really top experience for two. If you’re more keen to taste than make the goods, there are chocolate tasting sessions from favourites like ‘Hotel Chocolat’. Discover exotic nuances in every ganache you sample and round of the adventure with a glass of bubbly - come back from heaven - we’ve still got more gifts to get through!


Hotel Chocolat Gifts


Hotel Chocolat features highly in our repertoire of luxury high-street chocolatiers. It’s clear to understand why that is. 


Have you heard of the Hotel Chocolat ‘Signature Chocolate Cabinet’? An impressive and somewhat moving display of their 100 finest chocolates.


For the wilder cocoa bean, the ‘Adventures in Chocolate’ hamper is sure to do the trick. Dive in head first to experience the finest ingredients and flavour pairing that make up this finely curated hamper of chocolate glory - think Champagne truffles, praline crisps and perfect little chocolate batons - there’s no need to come up for air.


The Vegan Chocolate Egg


What is a chocoholic if not happy to devour a chocolate Easter egg when it’s not Easter? For true cocoa fanatics - Booja Booja’s selection is simply a flavour sensation that’s not to be missed. Shop Amazon for this year’s Boojas Booja Easter Eggs and revel in the funky designed egg package that cradles the melt-in-your-mouth chocolates. Suitable but not restricted to vegans, coeliacs or chocoholics for that matter.




Chocoholics aren’t renowned for sharing, but by gifting a proper and classic ‘box of chocolates’, they will be obliged to change their ways. Choose one of the most timeless chocolate gifts around, the dear old ‘Continental Chocolate Selection’ from Thorntons and everyone will be welcome to partake in a comforting chocolate tasting session.


Getting Personal 


If you can’t say it with words, say it with chocolate. At Getting Personal they’ve mastered the art of making all types of gift items, even more special. When it comes to gifting the chocolahic in your life, what could mean more than a Toblerone or a Yorkie bar that actually has their name on it?

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