How to save money with virgin media renewals
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How to save money with virgin media renewals

08 August 2018

Lots of people stick with their TV, telephone and broadband provider for years. Often because they’re happy with what’s on offer and don’t want the hassle of shopping around or haggling for a better deal.

But if you’re out of contract or your current deal is about to come to an end, now is the perfect time to bag a discount on your Virgin Media package by following vouchercloud’s easy guide to saving money.

Remember to bookmark the vouchercloud Virgin media discounts page to keep an eye on all of the current discount codes and save some money on your TV and broadband bundle.

Haggle like a newbie

Companies often make their best deals available for new customers. Sometimes those prices will be unbeatable if you’re an existing customer of Virgin Media, but you should use the offers available for newbies as the benchmark when you contact your provider to negotiate a better deal.

Haggle like a switcher

TV and broadband providers love loyal customers – the sort who stay with them for years and accept annual price rises without quibble. Being taken for granted means you’ll almost always be paying more than you should.

Compare broadband, TV and phone deals at vouchercloud and work out how much you could save by switching to a different provider. Armed with this info, contact Virgin Media and tell them you’re ditching them unless you can get a better price than your identified alternative providers can offer.

What do you really watch?

At renewal time it’s always best to do a little audit of the channels and services your family watch and use. If no one is fussed about those premium channels you’re paying for, then switch packages and save a bundle.

A good starting place when you’re speaking to customer services about switching your Virgin Media TV package is to tell them you’re happy with Freeview. Freeview costs nothing and is a useful opening gambit when discussing how much you’re willing to pay for a TV package.

Speak to the cancellation organ grinders

Ok, so you’re not going to be phoning Richard Branson himself and demanding a discount, but it helps to get through to the right department quickly – the ones with the power and the deals at their fingertips for customers who threaten to cancel.

Ask for the cancellation department when you call. It may be a little frustrating that TV and broadband providers keep these sweetener deals to themselves until you threaten them with cancelling, but this haggle dance is an accepted route for saving pounds on your Virgin Media package.

Hold your ground - all is not lost

Don’t fret if the customer service rep you’re speaking to accepts that you want to cancel and proceeds with setting a date to cut you off. This is often a tactic used to call your bluff but they don’t want you to leave - really they don’t.

Even if you don’t get what you want the first time, try again and often your TV provider will be in touch with you before the cancellation date to tempt you into staying at the last minute with a good price.

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