Top New Year's Eve Breaks to Brighten up Your Traditions
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Top New Year's Eve Breaks to Brighten up Your Traditions

28 December 2018

We like to start the New Year with a bang in the UK, but with so many affordable travel options available, you’ve got the perfect excuse to plan a New Years Eve break to remember.

Between cooking the turkey, Christmas shopping and sweeping up the fallen pines from your real tree - Christmas doesn’t give you much time to relax. But when you finally make it to the couch with a glass of bubbly or a brandy, you can finally start to dream of your perfect plan for New Years Eve 2018.

Whether you’re looking for a party with your pals, your family, your beloved partner in crime, or if you’re going solo - we’ve got our own countdown of perfect New Years Eve destinations to help you ditch your traditions in style.


New Years Eve Ideas for Party People

Tradition: A paid ticket to the same bar you visit every year.

Destination: Berlin, Germany

If when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, you’re just getting the party started, Berlin, German will be the ideal destination for you and your pack. Renowned for its techno and rave culture, you can expect big sounds until the early hours in Berlin.

Explore the city’s skyline from a rooftop bar, and enjoy the art scene by day before you party till the wee hours of the morning - even if your visit is a little alcohol-fueled - it’ll be a New Years celebration to remember with no Auld lang Sigh in sight.

New Years Eve Ideas for Families

Tradition: A family meal and kids in bed before the NY countdown on telly.

Destination: Rome, Italy

If you’re one who prefers to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest on New Years Eve, then there’s no better way to light up your tradition than by celebrating the New Year in Rome, Italy. This nation is renowned for keeping family (and food) at the heart of its culture, and in Rome, you’ll be able to eat your heart out.

Book yourself into a cosy restaurant for a ‘cenone’ (big supper) on the 31st, before you wander to one of the picture-perfect piazzas for your fill of New Year ambiance. Piazza del Popolo puts on a beautiful firework display when the clock strikes midnight, and even if you need to get the little ones off to bed before then, you’ll still be able to soak up jovial atmosphere and gorgeous architecture as you stroll through the streets of Rome.

New Years Eve Ideas for Couples

Tradition: A fancy meal out and champagne for two.

Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland

Visit the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ to start your New Year with a warm glow inside. Reykjavik, Iceland is home to bonfires and ‘Brennivin’ (liquor) all year round, while the breathtaking landscape makes for the perfect New Year’s escape.

Expect stunning firework displays which you can catch from the top of volcanoes Öskjuhlíð and Skólavörðuholt. Only a short distance from the heart of the action in Reykjavik, lose the crowds and bask in panoramic views for a romantic start to 2019.

New Years Eve Ideas for Singles

Tradition: a party with/without a New Year’s kiss.

Destination: Dublin, Ireland

If you want to ring in the New Year solo, Dublin is a steadfast option. A little closer to home, with no compromising on the extent of the celebrations, in Dublin, you can expect to enjoy three whole days of New Years celebrations.

A beautiful city in itself, while the Irish culture is sure to give you a warm welcome. Thought of as ‘the friendliest city in the world’ - everyone will be your best mate in Dublin. Think lively street vibes, quirky pubs and seisiún (music sessions) galore - from Temple Bar to the iconic Custom House which is the centre of New Year festivities this year - you’ll be dazzled from start to finish and you won’t be forgetting your trip in a hurry. Finish off your stay with a stroll around Sandymount Strand to blow away the cobwebs and you’re all set for a happy and healthy 2019.

Whether you need to book a last-minute flight or a simple train journey to get to your ideal destination, the likes of Thomas Cook, TUI and National Rail have heaps of offers available to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the New Years Eve break they’ve been dreaming of.

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