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Addison Lee

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About Taxi Services

Got somewhere you need to be? The quickest way to get from A to B in the city is to jump in a cab, but the cost can often deter us from the convenient taxi ride to slower routes of bus or on-foot travel. There is nothing more painful than having to flag down a black cab, to then watch the meter slowly tick up and up, while you sit powerless in the back watching your money disappear. If you’ve got somewhere you need to be, our taxi vouchers can save you the expense that usually comes with a taxi ride, and get you to your destination in a matter of minutes. The number of reliable taxi services available will make sure you can arrive in comfort and on time, and also ensure that you don’t shell out more than you need too.

Smartphones have changed the way taxi services work in recent years, providing a platform for price comparison mobile apps to help you find the cheapest cab ride for your particular journey, as well as apps for taxi services striving to offer an instant, seamless service that isn’t only personal, but efficient too. The rise of Uber has transformed the way we book a taxi – we can get from A to B by simply requesting an environmentally-friendly electric car to our door, with no cash required (the payment comes out digitally from your pre-setup account), and a star system that allows you to rate your ride and driver. Straightforward and efficient, it is no wonder that many of us will happily resort to ordering an ‘Uber’. Now you can enjoy introductory offers and surprise savings with our taxi discount for Uber and other taxi services like HailO and minicabit in the touch of a button - just download the app to get on the move!